Email Marketing: “Remove This Word From Your Emails.”


“Remove This Word From Your Emails.”

I read an article today by Mel Henson which I’d like to share with you.

It’s a powerful message about removing just one word to gain greater results with your sales copy.

If you are someone who likes to jump straight in;
the article is here:  REMOVE ONE WORD ARTICLE.

But if you wish to read on I’ll explain.

The article suggests to remove the word ‘will’ in your copy.

For instance:

  • Kids will love the fruity taste;
  • These shoes will have your dancing feet tapping;
  • Your room will have a true daylight feel with this new light bulb.

Simply by removing the word ‘will’ makes all of the sentences become
more powerful.


  • Kids love the fruity taste;
  • These shoes get your dancing feet tapping;
  • Your room has a true daylight feel with this new light bulb.

Removing ‘Will’ puts customers into the Present Moment.

This is why this works.

By writing the sentence without the word ‘will’ it helps the customer
imagine themselves actually using the product in the here and now.

Mel writes, “The subconscious brain cannot distinguish between reality and strong
visual images. If you write in a way that helps the customer imagine they
are experiencing the product it makes them more likely to buy.”

Mel does go on to reveal other ways to eliminate ‘will’ and I know I will be doing my darndest to cease using it.

After that last sentence I mean !

Read her full article here.

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