Email Marketing – Start Thinking Christmas Promotions Now.

Hi Everyone

It’s time to start thinking about your Christmas Sales Promotions now.

There are two ways to go about this.

  1. Look at last year’s promotions to see what happened and then create new marketing campaigns to commence
  2. Grab new ideas and new promotions off larger companies and benchmark your campaigns in similar fashions.

If you choose Point 1 above; here are some questions you could ask yourself.

  • Which of my email campaigns last year were successful?  Did I use a Christmas theme template, copy or images? What subject lines did I use.
  • Which emails worked for me better, in terms of email openings, email click-throughs, sales, interest?
  • Which emails worked for me less, in terms of email openings, email click-throughs, sales, interest?
  • Which campaigns generated the highest level of ‘unsubscribes’?  Why was that do you think?  Was it because of the list or the message?
  • What did I identify from last year I would change for the better in my email marketing campaigns?
  • What am I going to send out this year?  How often am I going to send out?  What ‘offer’ will I give my customers which will be too irresistible for them to refuse?

October has commenced and it’s now time to start thinking about what you are going to do this year at Christmas.

Email marketing should not be an after thought.  Pay particular attention to what works best for you and test.  There is plenty of time to start testing now and put action into place.

If you choose the path of Point 2, from above, you will need to start collecting samples of what the top players are doing.  Check TV ads, newspaper clippings, magazine articles and see what grabs your attention.

Look for headings in ads which grabbed you.  Can you use them in your marketing.  Most times we can, they just need a slight tweak.

In a future post I am going to give you a list of Christmas subject/headlines which worked gangbusters for companies last year.  This list will enable you to start preparing you marketing straight away.

So stay tuned, subject/headlines which you can adapt into your email marketing is coming soon.

Cheers and Great Selling

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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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