Email Marketing – There Are Only 8 Email Types (cont’d)

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In my last post I spoke about and gave examples to Email Marketing Types #1 – #4.

Knowing the 8 different email marketing types and how they are used  is very powerful for the email marketer.

Learn and use these as described and watch your email statistic rates soar.

To recap, here are the first 4 email types:

1. Email Type One: Tell a Story;
2. Email Type Two: Discuss a Special Event/Holiday;
3. Email Type Three: Comment on a Special Media or
Social Event; and
4. Email Type Four: Media Personality Comment.

To continue on here are email types #5 – #8.

Email Type Five: A Question & Answer Email

This email type involves setting up a series of questions which can then
be answered by yourself.  The questions can be ones which people constantly ask you about your products and services


they can be questions which best describe what you do.

Whatever you do make sure you ask challenging questions.  Make sure
they will overcome even the cynical of prospects.

In a sales sense this type of email is invaluable as the idea is to think up
questions which potential prospects might have and then answer them.
This enables you to overcome objections quickly and should lead
the prospect into taking action earlier then they may have.

Example of questions I use in this type of email can best best be found in my
publicity pack for the media.  I offer these questions to the media to ask me.
Maybe you could do something similar ???

Here are the first five questions from my media publicity pack:

1. Some people detest getting unsolicited emails in their inbox, what makes
what you do so different?

2. What about the spamming laws?  Aren’t you advocating spamming?

3. Ok Kurt, then it’s not spamming and you are not breaking any rules –
how do you get around not annoying people?

4. There will be people listening who’ll say, “I have tried email marketing
before and it doesn’t work.” What would you say to them?

5. What advice would you offer to people who wish to give email
marketing a go?

Do you get the idea here – be ruthless with your questioning.

Email Type Six: A Testimonial Email

This email uses the kind words or testimonial of a client.  It is not
about bragging but is about giving ‘social proof’ into what you do.

Testimonials can be the written word or they can be testimonials via a video.

I am happy to receive either but do not be afraid to use them.  Somebody
talking about you, your product or services has much greater weighting in
sales then you telling people of what you can do.

You will find many testimonial examples by clicking the Testimonial Page link above.

Email Type Seven: Combination of Q & A and Testimonial

As the title suggests this email type combines types #5 & #6.

When you ask the question, rather than give your answer, you can
give the answer contained in a customer/client testimonial.

For example:

Question: My business is different – Will your “7 Killer Tips” work for me?

Answer: Yes it will. But rather than I tell you, here is what Bruce Bird from
the UK said about my book.

“Great job, Kurt.  I was aware of some of these tips – but usually applied
them intermittently and often in haste.  Your ‘7 Killer Tips To Get Your
Emails Read’ makes it crystal clear just how important a methodical and
consistent approach is in all your emails.  And I love the examples you
give from well known marketing figures demonstrating just how
effective your lessons really are.  As always, the best lessons come
from watching what the masters do.  I’ll be keeping your e-book
handy for ready reference every time I go near that ‘Send’ button in future.”

Bruce Bird, Dunstable, LU6 3SH, UK

Don’t discount the power of this type of email.  It allows ‘social proof’ to be
one of your greatest weapons in your marketing mix.

and finally…

Email Type Eight: The Interview Email

This email type allows you to interview an expert in your subject matter
and segue it back to your products or services.

Examples are:

If you sell baby clothes, prams etc., interview the manufacture/maker and ask them pertinent questions your audience would love to know. It could be regarding the material, it could be how they’re handcrafted or it could be about built in safety features.

Do you get the idea here, this interview style email is very, very powerful.

An example of this is where I was inter-viewed by Mal Emery one of Australia’s leading marketers about email marketing.

The full ‘raw’ 1 hour inter-view is here:  Kurt’s Inter-view About Email Marketing.


Well, now you have all 8 Email Types.

Use them consistently and watch your “in-box turn into a cash box”.

1. Email Type One: Tell a Story;
2. Email Type Two: Discuss a Special Event/Holiday;
3. Email Type Three: Comment on a Special Media or Social         Event;
4. Email Type Four: Media Personality Comment;
5. A Question & Answer Email;
6. A Testimonial Email;
7. Combination of Q & A and Testimonial; and
8. The Inter-view Email.

Cheers and Great Selling
Email Mastery

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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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