Email Marketing: Three Secrets Of Paris Revealed

“Three Marketing Secrets Of  Paris Revealed”
Paris reveals its secrets for those who take time to learn

Paris is indeed romantic and inspirational for those who have
been privy to its beauty.

But is far more than a magnetic city…


Personifies marketing brilliance and in this post I reveal to you three
of its best performing marketing secrets.

So sit back with your pen and paper and think about how you are going
to use these secrets.

Paris Reveals Marketing Secret #1 – Consistency of Message
Paris’ success as an influential and affluent European city is first evidenced
when viewing the historical architecture.

It’s aesthetically and symmetrically pleasing which gives you an impression
of consistency of message.  Buildings are of the similar style and are of the
same height.

Everywhere you go in Paris the architecture gives you a sense of harmony.

Paris building 3.jpg      paris building 6.jpg
Paris Buildings

So what lesson can we learn from this?
When you are consistent with your marketing and branding of your business
you will give a feeling of familiarity and peace.

What I mean is have your email messages follow a style, a formula which depicts
a common theme or style.  Your style.

If you have a website, facebook page, fliers, pamphlets, sales letters etc.,
ensure they to depict a uniform message and brand.

Consistency and keeping everything with your marketing messages
congruent are the keys.

Paris Reveals Marketing Secret #2 – Be Persistent
This is probably where most marketers fail.

They give up before they become successful.  They do not have a plan of what
they are wanting to achieve in a medium-to-long-term view.

Most marketers live for promotion after promotion after promotion.
Whilst promotions are good; longer-term strategies to sales success are best.

My example here is the Moulin Rouge.  (You may be aware of it via the Nicole Kidman mo.vie.)

moulin rouge 1.jpg    moulin rouge at night.jpg
Moulin Rouge – Paris Day    Moulin Rouge – Paris Night 

The Moulin Rouge first opened its doors on October 6 1889.
By all accounts it looked very similar outside to what it does today.

But the marketing message here is the Moulin Rouge has been firstly
Consistent with their entertainment but also Persistent.  Despite several
periods of falling crowds they continued and today play to packed
audiences twice a day.

Their show changes yearly, to bring back past patrons, yet their
persistence to keep the same themes playing as they have done for
123 years is a marketing lesson not to ignore.

Audiences world-wide keep going back to the Moulin Rouge.



They persist in deliverying a consistent message.

And their audience love it.

So what lesson can we learn from this?
Don’t give up !

I have clients who stop emailing to their lists because they do not
know what else to say.

This is understandable but they all have a copy of my
There Are Only 8 Different Types Of Emails” with examples, so they really
could start there.

Besides there is always something topical in the news etc.

It does not have to be a “TITANIC” struggle – (Pun intended).

Just Don’t Give Up !

Paris Reveals Marketing Secret #3 – Provide Extraordinary Service
By far the most gobsmacking part of our Paris trip was the extraordinary
service provided by the multiple restaurants and cafes in Paris.

paris cafe on champs elysee.jpg   cafe alongside notre dame cathedral.jpg
Cafe on Champs Elysees      Cafe alongside Notre Dame

Without hesitation you are treated with a smile, a nod, an alluring
glance when you are within arms reach of a cafe door.

Waiters greet you with the most friendliest of  welcomes which puts
you into an immediate relaxing and ‘buying’ state of mind.

Drinks, whether hot or cold are delivered within seconds of ordering and
the meals all arrived within a six-minute time-frame.  Yes, ALL
arrived within six minutes; regardless of how busy they were.

Simply put – the lesson here is ‘deliver your service beyond what your
customers would expect.’

I’m not sure what the local Parisians expect but it sure beats the level of
service I have experienced in many other places I have visited in Australia and

So here are three marketing secrets of Paris revealed.
Each one done with striking professionalism and courtesy.

  • Paris Reveals Marketing Secret #1 – Consistency of Message;
  • Paris Reveals Marketing Secret #2 – Be Persistent;
  • Paris Reveals Marketing Secret #3 – Provide Extraordinary Service

Now, you may be thinking, there is nothing special here.
But just think about it.

France is one of the wealthiest and vibrant countries in Europe.

I am convinced this is by no accident.

They just know how to do it.

What do you think?

Leave  a comment below.   

In the meantime:
Believe In Yourself


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  1. Make the note BIG, Sarah !

  2. Hi Kurt, thanks for the reminder! I have put a note with Consistency, Persistence and Service on my computer!

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