Email Marketing – Why People Give Their Email Address

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A study from ExactTarget reveals what motivates people to give up their email address.  The results are not exactly startling but it is useful information to know.

67% to receive discounts and promotions;

55% to get a ‘freebie’;

50% to get updates on upcoming sales;

45% to get updates on future products;

33% to get access to exclusive content;

29% for fun and entertainment;

28% to learn more about their products and services;

28% to stay informed about them;

22% for education about topics they specialise in;

17% because someone recommended them;

14% to interact with them;

11% to show support.

Make sure you build your website or include provision for people to give you their email address easily.

The point I take out of the research is there are many reasons and we should be catering for as many as we can.

Cheers and Great Selling

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