Email Marketing: You are allowed to contact existing clients.

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There are no restrictions against a company emailing its existing customers or anyone who has inquired about its products or services, even if these individuals have not given permission, as these messages are classified as “relationship” messages under the CAN-SPAM Act.

15 U.S.C. § 7702(17)

(iii) to provide—(I) notification concerning a change in the terms or features of;
(II) notification of a change in the recipient’s standing or status with respect to; or

(III) at regular periodic intervals, account balance information or other type of account statement with respect to, a subscription, membership, account, loan, or comparable ongoing commercial relationship involving the ongoing purchase or use by the recipient of products or services offered by the sender.

In Australia we have what is know as Inferred Consent.

Which means if you have done business in the past there is reasonable expectation you will contact a customer in the future.

What this means to the email marketer is do not be afraid to contact past, existing clients with new offers on your products and services.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree Peter. We are not our clients. It is not our clients role to ask us about what we can do to help them. This is our responsibility. I especially like your reference to:
    “don’t always try and “sell” them something, balance up your campaigns between good and valuable info and special offers.”
    1. The List
    2. The Relationship
    3. The Offer.
    This is how email marketing works.
    Cheers Kurt

  2. A good point Kurt, glad you brought it up.

    I find so many people are ‘shy’ to contact their past clients too. I’ve even had people make the comment “Oh, but I don’t like getting endless emails so I don’t want to email them too much”.

    Firstly, you are not your clients. If your clients liked doing business with you then why wouldn’t they want to hear from you again. Unless your as boring as bat poo.

    How much is to much? – Being regular trains them to expect, even look forward to your content.

    … and, don’t always try and “sell” them something, balance up your campaigns between good and valuable info and special offers.

    But that’s probably another conversation.

    Good stuff Kurt, keep it coming.

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