Do Your Emails Pass The Trust Test?

Do Your Emails Pass The Trust Test?

When you open your email box each day do you see emails which you think, “Who the heck is this from?”  Do you think, “Why am I getting this email, it looks like Spam?”

Yeah it happen, doesn’t it?

The truth is some businesses sell email addresses. 

Now I know this may come as a surprise yet the selling of email
addresses is real and it happens.

I understand you do not sell email addresses, neither do I,  yet your email may arrive in someone’s inbox one day and they say these very words to themselves:
“Who the heck is this…?” “Can I trust this person’s email?”

The reality is…

People do forget all the optin lists they sign up for.

So how can you ensure your email passes the ‘Trust’ test?

In Australia emails are covered by the Spam Act of 2003.  To ensure you are not spamming these Three Critical Steps need to be in place.

1. Consent: Express or Inferred;

2. Identify: Clear indication of who you are;

3. Unsubscribe: Must contain an unsubscribe facility and requests dealt with promptly  (within 5 working days).

In America email marketing is controlled by the CAN SPAM Act.

Currently, to be compliant you need to:

  • Include a valid physical postal address in your emails;
  • Provide an obvious unsubscribe facility (within 10 business days);
  • Use clear “From,” “To,” and “Reply to” which accurately describes who you are.

While these rules from Governments outlaw Spam how can an honest business person like you build trust into your emails?

This one little addition to your email marketing could make a huge improvement in terms of reader trust and engagement.

To take away the fear from a recipient try placing a simple sentence in the footer of an email that explains exactly where you obtained their email address.

Let me explain…

Include a sentence like this:

‘You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to…

i.e. Mine reads: 

“You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to receive
emails from Kurt Johansen, The Email Marketing Guy”

Whilst this is not a requirement of either Spam Act 2003 or the Can Spam Act it will help establish trust with your subscribers and maybe even increase email engagement.

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money with email marketing?

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