“From The Mouth Of A 14 Year Old Came…”

Hi Everyone

“From The Mouth Of A 14 Year Old Came…”

but first…

A very funny thing happened to me on the way to
Son #1’s Paintball Birthday Party last weekend.
(And yes it does hurt if the paintballs don’t burst on impact –
but… that’s another story).

The funny story is; We Got Lost.

Yes lost in the Adelaide Hills.

STOP laughing !

I was using a printed out Google Map route chart but it didn’t show
all the country roads and the GPS in the car didn’t have a clue where
we were either.

So, I stopped the car.  Spat the dummy! (And don’t tell me you
haven’t done that before) and said.

“That’s IT.  We are going home !!!”

Yep, my patience had grown thin.

Then out of the mouth of Son #3 came,
“Why don’t we just go back a bit ? We were on track back there.
Then we can start looking again.”

Hmmm… with my sanity restored by a 14 year old, I agreed to
turn around and retrace our steps. It only took us a few minutes and
about 4 kilometres to discover we were on the right road all the time.

So, I turned around, AGAIN, and drove back down the road

and YES…

right past the place which had seen my previous tantrum.

Then low and behold there was our turn off.


Another 150 metres on.

We had travelled 67 kilometres and I stopped short 150 metres
from the desired point.

Gosh, as Maxwell Smart would say, “Missed It By That Much!”

Now, this had me thinking all week, “What if I did listen to myself
and returned home?”  What if I didn’t listen to Son #3″.  “What If…?”

You know the answer, We would have fallen short of our goal.

And many people would have missed out shooting me with
green-gooey paintballs.

So, the lesson this week is to, “Never Give Up.”

Never give up on your dreams, your passions, your heart felt desires.

And don’t give up on your Marketing and providing your customers
with the all the information they need to include your products and
services in their lives to help them.

And when you do find yourself; a little lost; remember the words of
a 14 year old…

“Why don’t we just go back a little…We were on track back then.”

Cheers and Great Selling


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