Do You Use Gmail – Then This Is A Must Read

Do you use Gmail ?

If so this email is a MUST read.

Gmail is progressively rolling out a method of pre-sorting your emails for you.
(Aren’t they lovely)

Essentially Gmail will sort your emails into one of five main categories.

Here are the categories:


You may not see any changes in your Gmail account yet but mine has been affected so let me help you what you may see today or soon.

When you open Gmail instead of seeing just a ‘Primary’ folder you could see up to  five tabs.


Each Tab may have emails you wish to look at without having to search for them.

There are two ways you can take control back from Google.


Open any Tab and select an email which has been incorrectly categorised to your preferences.

i.e. An email from me may go direct to the ‘Promotions’ tab.


You can select the email and drag it into the ‘Primary’ tab and a message appears.


Simply click on the “YES” and all future emails will be directed to the ‘Primary Tab’.

Then you can receive my emails in the Primary area of your Gmail. 

And I know that is where you want them, don’t you.


Now the second way you can deal with Mr. Google.

Go to your Gmail account and click on the Google Settings symbol on the top right hand side.
It looks like a cog wheel.


Once you do this click on the drop down box and the word “Settings”.

Then click on the blue INBOX tab on the top. It should be the third button from the left.

You will see a box with all the categories displayed.


Simply untick the boxes.


And click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


Your Gmail Inbox will now be void of Category Tabs.


This way you will remain delighted to receive my Email Marketing Tips which will continue to drive many dollars into your inbox.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on how to sort this Kurt. The people at Google would do well to remember that since we’re not children and they’re not our parents we don’t need them to wipe our asses for us! I for one am sick of them thinking they know what’s best for us…anyone else?

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