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It’s now a couple of days into the New Year and most of us start thinking I wonder how 2008 is going to pan out? What’s in store for me? We generally plan what we are doing for the next month or so but what do we have planned for mid-year? Not sure? Well don’t worry…because

You are not alone…

It’s hard to think this far away, especially if you are still on holidays, especially if your year normally JUST happens.

We all know we should plan, yet how many of us really do?

Well I am here to help. My good friend Ian Hewitt is conducting one of his hugely successful prosperity seminars in mid 2008 and it has to be a must for those wishing for something better for themselves and their family.

Ian has put together a list of speakers who are world renowned and multi, multi successful.

You will find the details here at:

To help, Ian has also thrown in a huge bunch of bonuses which include:

  • 3 nights accomm.odation staying at The Royal Paradise H.otel Phuket; (I can get you an extra night as well if you let me know you are going);
  • Air port pickup;
  • Full Eat as Much as You Like Breakfasts;
  • Extravagant Buffet Lunches;
  • Extra Session – Networking Breakfast;


  • An outrageous money-back no risk guar.antee

So if you looking for something to catapult your future then look no further than attending Ian Hewitt’s Prosperity Seminar in July 2008.

At the very least , click on the link and take a look, you will be gald you did…and feel to send this email onto a friend – most of these seminars are better when you tra.vel with a like-minded person.

, hoping 2008 is THE year for you.

Cheers and Great Selling
Johansen International Pty Ltd
Direct: 61 412 94 77 33

PS: Ian tells me there are good seats on Tiger Airways. He has provided the links for flights on his information page at:

PPS: Ian is a fabulous guy and his lineup of speakers is truly a fantastic accomplishment and a credit to him.

PPS: Feel free to contact me if you would like to verbally discuss this seminar

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