How to be Wildly Successful in the Speaking Business


Paul’s first message in Platform Speaking was “People should be able to leave the room and do something.”


This is so important.

Another way Paul expressed it was to “Open the eyes of the audience to opportunities that they never knew existed or thought pertained to them.”

Understand this is a business. You are in the Speaking Business and this means there are Rules and they MUST be followed.

1. Focus on the end result. What are you trying to achieve? i.e. buy which product?

2. Do not teach. The aim of the speech is not to teach, you do not have enough time;

3. Give content that is in context. The message must match the audience;

4. Don’t do a sales pitch. Give content to the subject;

5. Be accessible. Stick around during seminar – between speakers – and allow the audience to talk to you;

6. Don’t think you are anything special;

7. The audience should focus on you. NO HANDOUTS.

8. There is no fear we make it up. Know your subject better than anyone else.

9. Speaking is about people buying your product – so create the path that walks them to that END RESULT.

10. Learn the tactics that helps do Point 9. (From the desk top of Kurt – “I could reveal the tactics Paul revealed, but I feel a bonus product or e-book chapter here, don’t you ?!)

Paul’s other great tips included it is unwise and unproductive to have just one product. You must have a front-end product, but this must be supported by back-end products. The money is in the back-end. The products must be also “hard topics’, those topics that you can go and do. i.e create, build, write, sell. Topics on motivation or make you feel good are known as “soft topics” and just don’t sell anymore.

The final message from Paul was to:

  • Polish you talk, do it at community groups if you need to;
  • Measure your audience; build in laughs, claps, ask them questions every 5 minutes or so;
  • Dress in what you are comfortable with;
  • Stay on time – have respect for the audience, the next speaker and the promoter;
  • Don’t over exaggerate – make sure you give them an abundance of proof;
  • Add personality and make fun of yourself;
  • Weave your personality into the talk.

And finally, ALWAYS remember your Seminar Promoter and their staff and send them a box chocolates or gift after the talk; and don’t be stingy with it !

Kurt’s Footnotes:

Paul Hartunian is credited by Dan Kennedy as consistently being his best platform speaker and salesperson over the past ten years.

So, if you follow these few simple rules you will be on the verge of a successful speaking career. It is now up to you.

Cheers and Great Selling


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