How to Become the Guru

Mal Emery

Mal came back onto stage and presented to us a wealth of information on how to become a freelance coach or consultant.

His point was to be a wizard or guru you need to follow five main principles:

  1. Accentuate your position
  2. Exaggerate your personality
  3. Reveal your flaws
  4. Sharpen your message
  5. Embellish your heroics

Great advice for those wishing to succeed further in this game.

Me as a business consultant, a few things resonated that Mal said which I agree. Not that I would probably use some of Mal’s terminology. This is not the point I am making. It is about accepting as a consultant clients will move on or not use you anymore.

Here is how Mal says it: (Kurt’s Comment: Apologies Mal if I am quoting slightly incorrectly – we may have to view the video replay to confirm. By the way; always, always get the DVD recordings of a seminar. Don’t expect your brain to remember because it won’t !):

  • Clients are like horses they all eventually go lame;
    (Kurt: I don’t think Mal is suggesting to shoot them though, do you ???)
  • Ultimately your message will lose it’s gloss;
  • They quickly forget how you helped them get there;
    (Kurt: And I have seen this many times, just get over it and move onwards.)
  • They don’t value what you did for them after they get it;
    (Kurt: I have heard clients say things like, “Is that all, that doesn’t look hard.”)

Kurt’s Footnote:

Interesting points and I must admit I concur. As a consultant you have only two things to sell:

  1. Your time; and
  2. Your knowledge.

Treasure and respect both and so will your clients.

Cheers and Great Selling


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