How To Make Christmas Sales Work

I was taken by surprise last weekend.

You see I had no idea it was getting so close to Christmas until…

I saw Santa Claus arrive on his sleigh during the Annual Christmas Pageant here in Adelaide.

I have fond memories taking the boys along to see the Pageant.

With its variety of floats and clowns and marching bands which heralds the arrival of Santa into our fair city.

Now the boys were young back then. 

These days they would rather sleep-in than to be dragged up at 7.00 am to be bundled into the family car and plonked down on a cold-city-bitumen road for several hours.

With parents and grand parents trying to keep them entertained by promising they will have a wonderful experience when it all starts.

And Grandpa feeding them lollies and Grandma hitting him in the arm for doing so.

Mind you they would rather have slept in back then too I guess but it was Adelaide’s Christmas Pageant and we were determined they would have a great time.

When the pageant eventually started they were suddenly awake.

The music blasted from each float.  The clowns were mischievous.
The Pirates waved their cutlasses and the fairies were uhm…fairies.

Gees, we even had a smoke breathing dragon !

The boys were gobsmacked.  Or was that me.


The point of this email is Christmas is getting closer and it’s time to start planning your Christmas email marketing campaigns now.

It’s time to get your thinking hats on and program a series of emails to get you on your way to having a bumper Christmas.

And to help…

I am opening up again my “5 x 5 x 5.5 Christmas Promotion

This promotion is one chiseled in stone in my yearly email marketing schedule.

It’s where I help 5 businesses send 5 emails for $550.  

I help plan, write, critique, schedule, send five emails out for you.

It’s OK if you are not sure what to do.  I hold your hand all the way and make it painless, simple, easy and above all a most effective means of Christmas Marketing you will use. 

Each year my  “5 x 5 x 5.5 Christmas Promotion” sells out and many disappointed people miss out, because they procrastinate. 

So, I am now taking expressions of interests from those people who would like help getting their products and services out to their customers in a Chrismassy sort of way.



If you haven’t thought about what you will be doing for your clients this year then you should get a move on.

Where has the year gone ???

Christmas sales should be part of a well researched, and well defined marketing campaign.

and …

using email to inform your customers is a terrific media to do this with.

Next week I am going to open up my inbox for registrations.

As I said, it normally sells out within a couple of days.

But because… 

You have been reading my posts, I wanted to give you a chance to pre-register before anybody else can. 

So if you are looking at getting your Christmas Marketing off to a flyer then make sure you let me know you want to talk to me about this year’s “5 x 5 x 5.5 Christmas Promotion”.

Hey, I don’t want any money now.  

This is just a pre-registration to see if your enthusiasm to makes sales for you matches mine.

Simply email me you are keen to talk and let me know your best contact details and I’ll get back to you.

Here’s us both getting cracking on making Christmas a jolly good time for you.

Ho Ho Ho.

Email me:

Believe In Yourself


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