How to Make More Money in an Hour than Most People Make in a Year as a Professional Platform Speaker or Seminar Presenter


Our promoter and host of the 2007 Speaking and Coaching, Mal Emery, was next on stage.

Mal’s style is different from the other presenters and delivers his talks via PowerPoint slides containing an over abundance of information. This is against all the rules of PowerPoint but then again Mal has never followed the rules. He is a successful business man who recognised that normal businesses and their procedures will not bring you wealth – so Mal DOES things differently.

Mal’s opening catchy message was “The objections against platform selling comes from FEAR, IGNORANCE or JEALOUSY.”

Mal also has rules to follow. The numerical order is:

  1. Get the grabber Statement;
  2. Tell them about what you are going to tell them;
  3. Set out the ground rules;
  4. Start and State your abundance of proof;
  5. Tell your story;
  6. Tie it all together. Show how it will work for them;
  7. Pass out the forms.

Other Rules are:

  • No handouts;
  • Backup PowerPoint;
  • Use Humour;
  • If you use overheads turn them off;
  • Don’t lug your product around from seminar to seminar;
  • Stay on time;
  • Introduce yourself to the staff.

Mal’s speaking formula is:

State the problem, Solve it for them, Give proof your solution will work, Call them to action.

Mal went through another 18 steps of his formula for selling on the platform. Some interesting points which resonated to me were:

  • Speak fast, it will increase your sales;
  • Do 90% teaching and 10% selling;
  • Deliver a practiced million dollar sales presentation;
  • Give them templates to use – as Mal calls “Fish on a Plate”;
  • Include an outrageous guarantee – it will increase sales;
  • Tell them exactly what to do next;
  • Let them know that your offer is not for everyone.

Mal’s concluding statement and Step #18 was if you follow his steps you could become famous and booked solid in any niche market of your choice in 6 months or less. (Kurt’s comment: Now wouldn’t that be nice !”

Kurts’ Footnote:

I have been a student of Mal Emery’s for nearly a year. He is a man of honesty and passion and if you are given an opportunity to attend one of his seminars take it. You owe it to yourself and your family.

A link to Mal’s site is on my web page. It is there because I believe in Mal and his message. He has intorduced me to many people that are making a huge impact in my life. I hope he does the same for you.

Cheers and Great Selling


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