“How To Use Video In Your Marketing”

Hi Everyone

Businesses should use video in their marketing.

How to do it and what to do with the video is the crucial
element to this post.

By creating relevant videos businesses can increase the visibility of
their products and services and explain, in a visual form, the benefits
of them to their prospects and customers.

One of the best places to place your video is YouTube.

There are many other sites where you can freely upload your video
but those can be tried after you master YouTube.

YouTube receives approximately 100 million plus unique visitors each month.  On average these people view around 6.6 billion videos according to research from Nielsen NetView.

YouTube, is now owned by Google. What this means is more than
ever Google loves YouTube.

Because of this any website which has YouTube video embedded in it, stands a massive chance to be indexed high within Google.  And this should be the intent of anyone serious about having an on-line presence.

So, what type of video should you make for your business?

The trick here is to gauge your intended audience.  If you have a crowd which is analytical and succinct then maybe an educational
type of video is required.

If your crowd is one which needs entertainment then entertain.

So the magic answer is “IT DEPENDS”.

Whatever you do make sure you engage your audience.

The video is not about you. It is about the viewers.

If your business is about selling used cars, take them through your weekly
offerings. You could film various cars in the yard so people can view them
on-line.  You could answer questions which normally pop up when people
first look at purchasing a new vehicle.

If you sell baby merchandise, show them the latest stock arrival, or maybe
show them the latest pram and how easily it folds and can be placed in the
boot of a car.

You are only limited by your own imagination.

Ok, I make the video then what?

You have three options available:
1. Do nothing
2. Send out an email campaign to your existing customer list;
3. Post the video on YouTube and other video hosting sites.

If people don’t know your video exists, it was a useless exercise making it.
I guess then we can eliminate Option 1 as a viable alternative.

Option 2 is a natural extension to your marketing mix and should be done
religiously each week if you wish to create a market presence.


when you learn to upload your video to YouTube and broaden your marketplace you will see the real power of YouTube.

In my next post I will expand on this theme of video marketing.

Until then

Cheers and Great Selling
Email Mastery

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