“Is Speed Killing The NewsPaper?”

“Is Speed Killing The NewsPaper?”
if you ask the newspaper industry it is.

Hi Everyone

Not many people would be aware that the newspaper industry is in strife.

Numerous journalists and administrative staff are being laid off
throughout the world.

And it can’t be blamed on the economic downturn.

You see it all has to do with the massive speed we
now wish to receive our information.

Speed kills. The Internet dramatically changed the role of newspapers because
news doesn’t wait for printing presses and delivery trucks.

Now, content distributed via Twitter, Facebook and blog posts
make content not only instantaneous but everywhere.

Whether you are a news organization, retailer or B2B company you need
a new approach if you are only sending out monthly newsletters.  By the time
your customer has received your monthly newsletter and read it; too
much time will pass before your next one gets there.

If you wait too long, the marketplace will own and shape your message.
Instead of making the news, you’ll react to it.

Email is still faster than print, and then there is of course other mediums
that are even faster.

This information explo.sion and its distractions have led to a
decrease in time and patience by your customer.

The four-page direct-mail letter has been replaced by email marketing and
140-character Twitter offers.

SMS, Twitter, blogs, online video and soc.ial networks compete with
your mailouts, for attention.

Your email message might lose out to the 160-character text message and
the 140-character tweet if you don’t come to the point quickly, with content that’s visible no matter which platform or configuration your customer uses.

So what’s the point of my post today ???

Well, it’s about getting you to realise it’s time to EMBRACE new technology.

It’s about getting to realise there are new mediums and

It’s about getting you to admit you need help to get your message across.

Contact me now and I’ll help unravel the mysteries and have you
working on email marketing, twitter updates and the mag*ic of
Facebook for your business now.

You need to do this before your competitors do.

So contact me NOW.

Cheers and Great Selling
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Kurt Johansen
“Australia’s Email Marketing Guru

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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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