How Many Links Should I Put In My Email ?

This question was asked via my contacts page on my website today.

“Hi, Kurt, How Many Links Should I Put In My Email ?”

Directing people to a webpage or website is a tactic used by many email marketers.

It allows the emailer to expand the message by writing a longer post or providing a video which they didn’t wish to include in the original email.

It also serves the purpose to attract only those who really wish to know more about what is on offer.

Before I give my response to the question of How Many Links ? we need to look at the psychology of people, marketing and email.

It is a myth to believe short emails work better than longer ones.

Long copy (a large number of words in an advertisement) has repeatedly outsold short copy (small number of words) in every conceivable marketing test conducted.

People who wish to know more will keep reading and therefore will get closer to buying a particular product or service because they are being persuaded and their objections are being overcome.

If you are looking at how to overcome objections click this link.  It will help.  Overcoming Sales Objections.

I remember 20 years ago I received a 16 page glossy brochure from Jay Abraham about a home study sales course he was selling.

I was mesmerised and read every word of the 16 page flyer over and over again.

I also bought his two-year home study course which cost $1,000. (A pretty sum back then) and set about over the next twenty years building several businesses from scratch and selling millions of dollars of products and services.

And it all started from a 16 page glossy brochure. Of which some people would say was too long. But it wasn’t for the person whom wanted to know more, ME.

You see,  we all read about what interests us.

I know I would still have that brochure today as I am a hoarder and hate to throw away exceptional marketing pieces. (Maybe I will look for it and give you some snippets in upcoming emails).

I remember Jay Abraham repeated his offer for me to buy his home study course throughout the entire brochure.

He didn’t stop at a one time ask.

He repeatedly asked for the order whilst overcoming all my objections as to why I should should fill out the coupon and send it back to him.

Which I did.

If you are still with me so far – terrific.


The point I wish to make is:
• The longer your copy the better chances you will have to sell;
• The more times you make your offer the more chances you have to sell; and
• The more links you provide in your email the more chances you give the recipient to click.

And there lies the answer to:

“Hi, Kurt, How Many Links Should I Put In My Email ?”

As many as you can but if wish to have a number…

I like to include at least THREE.

One near the top.
One near the middle and
One at the end.

You should also throw one in the PS.

So I guess that makes FOUR.

If you wish to get help with your email marketing in 2015. You know where I am.

It could be the best talk you have in 2015.

PS: Emails are the most cost effective means to keep in contact with your customers.  Start using it CORRECTLY in 2015.  Contact me.

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