Managing Your Email Marketing Lists

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Managing Your Email Marketing Lists.

It is important to keep your email lists up to date and clean.

The best way I have found to do this is to ensure all bounced emails are sent to an address which can be ‘physically monitored’.  This may seem tedious to some but it is important to know why your marketing email bounced and to see what you can do about it.

Emails bounce for two distinctive reasons.

1. Undeliverable Fatal Message:  These emails will never be delivered because the email address is incorrect or the intended recipient has closed their email account.  The email you sent from may also be ‘filtered’ by a company not wanting their employees to receive your emails.  These emails should be removed immediately from your list.

2.  Undeliverable Non-Fatal Message: This occurs when a person’s in-box may be full, or they spelled their name incorrectly when they initially subscribed to your list.  A quick glance at these can easily rectify the situation and you can retain them in your list.

When you know the reason, you can simply delete the address from future mailings or send out the message again because the person did not receive it the first time.

Also look out for ‘Server Too Busy’ messages.  The email marketing message can be resent to these people.

By checking to see why your marketing emails bounce will keep you ahead of the law as well.  You do not wish to be seen continually sending emails to non-existent addresses.  It is a way of keeping yourself and your ISP happy you are not breaking any laws.  (Spammers are often recognised by sending continuous emails to ‘closed’ email addresses).


As your list grows this task may seem burdensome but if you keep on top of it isn’t all that difficult and it can also be what I call ‘a $15 an hour job’.  What I mean here is employ somebody to do it for you and if you do not wish to spend the time.

Clean lists are essential for  email marketing messages, make sure you keep on top of yours.

Cheers and Great Selling


PS: More email marketing tips are coming, come back and read.

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