Mobile Phone Number Blockage

An interesting discussion I just had with one of my clients. You see he rang me to ask a question about a seminar happening on copywriting this Saturday.

When he called the number on my mobile showed ‘withheld’ which means he had blocked his phone number from being seen. Or in other words he didn’t wish to reveal the phone number he was calling from. He left a message on my voice mail and when I returned his call I asked why he does that. i.e. block his number.

His answer was sound and reasonable in so much he doesn’t wish people to ring his business or him with unnecessary or unsavory calls.

“Hmm”, I replied, “I don’t answer any blocked calls anymore because if the person doesn’t wish to reveal themselves I am happy for them to leave a message and I will reply in my time.

Both of us are right because it our business we are looking after and protecting.

What do you do when a phone number is blocked? Do you answer it or cancel the call?

Leave me a post and let me know.

Cheers and Great Selling
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