Mother’s Day – There Is Still Time

Mother’s Day is this Sunday 11th May.

There is still time to send out an email to your clients.

If you are not sure what to write, take a look at these 10 simple tips which easily transfer from direct mail to email.

(Courtesy of Drayton Bird one of the world’s great copywriters.
Drayton Bird Associates Ltd., Moyle House, Fleet Hill, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 4LJ)

“These apply to direct mail which still works damn well now we all use email.

However, every one of the principles apply to all media.

The only remarkable thing about them is how often they are ignored.

1. The most important factor is targeting. Even the dullest message to the right person will always beat a brilliant message to the wrong one.

2. Always test on part of your list before going full tilt at everyone. If your list is big enough, test different approaches.

3. The crucial element in direct mail is the letter, not the brochure or leaflet. That’s because direct mail is personal. Letters are more personal than leaflets.

4. Your best prospects are your customers – 3-8 times more responsive than otherwise identical people who are not customers. Next best are enquirers who
have not bought. They are about twice as likely to reply. Test on these categories before renting outside lists.

5. Incentives are extraordinarily effective. They exploit people’s desire to get something for nothing and overcome their concern about buying something
they’re not sure they want or can’t afford.

6. Don’t be clever or funny. It is incredibly hard to be funny and sell. Unless you are a brilliant writer the joke won’t work; if it does it may well be more
interesting than what you sell.

7. Give every sensible reason why people should do what you want – otherwise you miss sales. And overcome every sensible objection they may have – for the
same reason.

8. … thus, long copy almost always works better than short. Unless you repeat your proposition at least three times you will lose sales.

9. Gain attention by offering a benefit – or showing them how to avoid pain, create interest, make people want your offering, convince them you’re telling
the truth – then get them to act immediately.

10. Show your copy to someone who knows nothing about it. Do they understand it? Would they buy? If they say yes, don’t believe them: test it.”

Need a hand to get a message out today or tomorrow?  I have freed up time to help.

Why not email me now.

Believe In Yourself

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