The Mystery To Get Away From Work – Solved

Ross is a financial planner.  And a pretty good one by all accounts.

Ross always seems to be on holidays.

Not a European River Cruise or an African Jungle Safari but Ross likes to take breaks.

He enjoys time away from the office and recently told me the secrets to his apparently “free” ways.

Ross calls them his Golden Rules.

Maybe they can help you get out of the office to enjoy life a smidgeon better.

Ross’s Golden Rules:

#1 – Always Have Coals On The Fire.

What Ross means is you should be in constant contact with your sources who provide you with new prospects/customers.

Ross does this by taking a couple of Accountants out to lunch every two months.

This allows him to be first in mind when they have a client who needs a financial planner.

Ross has numerous leads which may not ready to make a decision to retire but when they do they seek him first.

As he says… Always have coals on the fire.  They may not all ignite at once but when the spark catches the coal in the right place – BOOM !

So ask yourself this, “What are you doing each month to keep relationships going with your sources of leads ?”

Are you keeping in contact with the right people in a timely manner ?

If you are doing nothing or do not have the funds – at least invite them out for a coffee and cake.  It may be the best $20 you spend.

If you don’t have $20 – Phone them.

If you are shy – Email them.

#2 – Charge a Fee For Your Service Even The New Prospects

Ross charges a fee to see the Accountants’ clients.  He has positioned himself to eradicate the tyre-kickers.  What this fee means is the Accountants only send RED HOT leads.  The ones who are ready to buy.

It has also positioned Ross to not waste time in his office waiting for a new person to walk in.  His business is run from strong leads who have made an appoint-ment, which he will get paid for the time he spends with them.

This allows him to wander off and enjoy his freedom.

So how is your business set up ?  Do you give away heaps of your time – free ?  Or do you have a ‘My Time Is Valuable Mentality ?”

#3 –  Create Ongoing Cash Inflows

Whilst Ross charges a flat rate for a first consult he has a business which receives ongoing quarterly revenue.  Now before you go all uppity about financial planners and their commissions this is not the point I am asking you to soak in.

The point here is a business in which you get paid for when you are asleep is just the ants’ pants isn’t it.

So look inside your business and see how you can automate income.  It will be there somewhere.


There are three Golden Rules which Ross lives by.  Maybe you should too.

At the very least keep in contact with your lists.

And email does make this easy, quick and affordable to do.

Need a hand implementing any of these strategies or to start email marketing ?

You can book a consult with me.

And YES – I do charge a fee.  You wouldn’t want it any other way would you.

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