Sometimes A Policy Is All You Need

It’s not everyday you are going to need a policy for work but every now again you are going to thank your lucky stars you have one.

You see, if you employ people, or know people who employ people then at some stage either of you may have experienced a time when somebody asked, “What’s our policy on this ?”

It could be an issue on:

  • Recruitment & Selection;
  • Behaviour & Code of Conduct;
  • Safety & Security;
  • Administration & Support;
  • Performance Learning & Development;
  • Information Technology;
  • Conditions of Employment.

People need to know what direction and purpose their organisation is heading and what it stands for.

New Work, Health and Safety laws also require businesses to have policies and procedures in place.

But where do you start?  What do you write?  It’s all too confusing.

And not to mention the time it would take to write from scratch.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have a solution for you, your colleague and other business owners you may know.

A ready-made, easy to change and implement, Policy and Procedures Manual.

Let me explain…

My good friend Ingrid Cliff was a HR Manager and policies writer for the Queensland Government over many years.

Ingrid has  done all the hard work for you.

She has put together what would have to be the most uncomplicated yet comprehensive Human Resources policies and procedure manual in Australia.

No doubt it is easily transferred to most countries in the world too.

Dis.cover the…

Australian Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual

Complete Small Business Employee Policies & Procedures Manuals in Minutes

  • 2016 Edition
  • Over 280 comprehensive pre-written HR policies and procedures templates
  • Written in plain English – Easy to Understand
  • Specifically written for Australian small to medium businesses
  • Instant download – no waiting for books or discs
  • Up-to-date with Australian IR, Privacy, Workplace Surveillance & Anti-Discrimination Legislation
  • Fully customisable Word format– Insert your company name & details with just a few simple clicks
  • Thoroughly researched & professionally written employee handbook templates by Australian HR experts
  • Tested in the real world – no theoretical mumbo-jumbo
  • Free updates for 12 months (and optional minimal cost updates thereafter – no automatic billing!)
  • Currently used in over 1000 Australian small businesses including: professional service firms, mining, trades, retail, medical, not-for-profits
  • Comes in a zipped file to reduce the size of your download – Just download the files, unzip them using your personal zip program on your computer and you are ready to go!

HR Manual

Click on the image above and ensure your workplace has the policy in place to protect it.

or click here for immediate access.

This is the very same manual I recommend to all my business clients over the past five years and with good reason.  It is the BEST.

Grab your copy today and be up to date with the latest policies and procedures.

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