Armand Morin

Armand Morin is a believable, lovable guy who walks his talk. Making $227,000 per week over the internet you would presume he would not have to do seminar speaking.

Armand though was very obliging in his content.

  • He showed us the money he makes from his speaking business and from which events.
  • He showed us the Myths behind seminar selling.
  • He showed us the difference between a workshop and a seminar.
  • He also showed us his rules for Speakers who talk at his seminar. (Kurt’s comments: I wont reveal these here – you had to pay $500 like we did to attend to get this inside information) Well I’ll let you know this, Armand did inform us that ALL SPEAKERS get the same deal.

“Remember when you are on stage you are selling an experience not a seminar.”

Kurt’s Footnote:

Armand gave away heaps of content during this session. In fact I wrote pages of how he puts his seminars together and what he pays and how the system works.  He has lived up to his earlier sessions where he told us 80% content, 20%sales.  Armand you are also a legend !

PS: Armand does seminars because he is competitive and loves to beat the other speakers. He does this by providing the right message and product to the audience.  Seems easy in theory but he really does his homework to get it right.

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