Do You Send Emails To Your Customers ?

Do You Send Emails To Your Customers ?

Did you know most businesses send emails but they only send:

  • Welcome;
  • Thank you; and
  • Transactional emails.

This means:

Most business people are missing out informing their customers of other products or services they have.

I can understand why business owners do not send relationship or informative emails.

It is often because they are too busy opening the doors, placing stock on shelves, answering the phone etc. to worry about nurturing existing clients.

In your case it could be you are too busy scheduling and doing the work.

But really…

To ignore your previous customers is just dumb business.

So what should you do?

The answer is simply to engage an autoresponder system where you can send emails over a period of time automatically.

Did you know when a person enters a market they tend to seek out further products and services within that market.

So what does this mean to you?

It means once you have won a customer (remember the Ladder Of Loyalty)

then create a series of emails which you can automate and send out via an autoresponder program.

This series of emails should be related to their purchase or to their enquiry.

Here’s an example…

If you have completed a tiling job – you could send emails about.

  • How to eliminate mould and mildew on their tiles and grout – forever;
  • How to achieve sparkling clean tiles – everytime; and
  • What NOT to do – especially in the first two weeks of laying the tiles.

Can you apply any of these tactics to your business?

Of course you can.


I know it is not easy to think about contacting your former customers. Afterall, are they really going to buy from you again?


Maybe they will or maybe they won’t but I bet they know somebody who could use your products and services.

And that is the point why you should stay in contact with them.

So to help you I am offering a small limited number of coaching spots in July & August where I will work for your business for 2 months.

I usually work with business owners for twelve months but I understand some people do not wish to commit to a twelve month program.

Hence this two-month program.

The 2 month program will have me working directly with you for an astonishingly-low-monthly fee and also comes with access to all my marketing materials and courses I have written and you get me personally.

Yes you get me, one-on-one.  No off-sider, no substitutes.

If you believe you are ready to move forward and turn your fortunes around then this could be the catalyst and rocket booster you need.

Remember there are no substitutes here.

You get me to help create, write, program and deliver your email marketing campaigns for a fraction of what you will see in bank deposits.

Contact me now and we will discuss what type of business you have, what type of help you need and then I will let you know what the astonishingly-low-monthly fee is.

Do it now before these spots are taken.

You owe it to yourself and your family.

Simply reply back to this email with your best contact details.

Believe In Yourself

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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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