Silent Killer 2 Rebellious Masters of Cashflow Super Conference

Day Three Sunday 21st October (cont)

The final speaker of this year’s seminar was Stephen Pierce. A Powerhouse in platform speaking, Stephen comes to the stage with huge presence both physical and phsycological.

I am a fan of Stephen Pierce having subscribed to his system at last year’s Silent Killers Seminar.

Stephen didn’t disappoint and was a major hit and a sensational way to conclude the speaking side of the seminar.

The final task of this years event saw Mal Emery donating over $70,000 to two worthwhile and appreciative causes. And with one lucky participant winning a Toyota.

What can I say except all those collegues and friends of mine that took up my offer and attended this year’s Silent Killers event, I know your life will be changed for the best if you implement some of the wealth building tactics you have learnt.

For those who were unable to attend for whatever reason you can still involve yourself.

Feel free to contact me direct at or simply google any of the speakers mentioned to see how you can learn from the masters.



PS The next blogs will be about the Speaking Conference I attended in Sydney straight after the Silent Killers. Stayed tuned for that.

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