The one simple truth about selling… Learn this and you will join the Elite !

A common question I always ask people when they are ‘out on their own’ is…

“Where do you find your prospects?”

Most talk about how tough a slog it is out there. Finding new prospects is getting tougher everyday.

I then ask, “Once you find them how is your closing rate?” You know, “How many prospects become customers?”

Now this is where it gets interesting.

90% of people I ask this question answer this way…

“Not very good.  They always come up with an excuse not to buy !”

“Yes, That is natural” I respond. “What type of reasons do you get?”

Mate, all the typical ones like:

  • I’m not interested;
  • Your product is new to us;
  • The industry is expecting a downturn;
  • We’ve tried it before but it didn’t work;
  • Your product costs too much !
  • I need to get more quotes;
  • I don’t have that much to spend;
  • I’m not the decision-maker; I have to refer this to another person;
  • I need to consider this a bit longer;
  • There’s nothing wrong with our old one;

etc. etc.

I laughed..  “Yep I have heard them all before.”

“What do you say next?” I ask.

“What can you say?” “If they have to get more quotes, they have to get more quotes !”

Well…”There is plenty you can say.”  I reply.

“Not if they say to me “It costs too much !” “I don’t have the power to change the price.”

“Well actually there is plenty you can say there too.”

The one simple truth about selling… Learn this and you will join the Elite !

“You see, what you are hearing are Sales Objections.  They are common. They are natural.  And they can be overcome.”

“What if you discovered 12 ways to respond and overcome, ‘I need to get more quotes.'”


“18 ways to overcome when a customer says, ‘It costs too much.’
“Would you be interested in that?”

“Heck Yeah” or a similar response is what is normally said next.

Overcoming Sales Objections separates the successful and wealthy salespeople to those striving to make a living.

And now you can learn quickly, easily within minutes with the Objection Response Manual.

141 Ways To Overcome 17 of the Most Common Sales Objections can be at your fingertips every single day.

How to Over come Objections 3D Cover
What is an Objection Response Manual ?

It is a collection of the most powerful and useful
phrases (scripts) a sales professional can use to
counter any objection and close the sale.

It is common practice for Sales Superstars to have a
manual like this in their car, office and brief case.

A typical custom-tailored manual can sell for
in excess of $1,000.

You would crammer all over a manual like this for
$297 if it brought in the sales.

How about $197… still a bargain.

But you do not have to pay that price !

The Objection Response Manual contains 141 ways to
overcome 17 of the Most Common Sales Objections
and is yours here ready to download.

Take a look -and become the Superstar Salesperson you deserve.





For the past 20 years my “How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections”
has been a massive help for thousands of people worldwide.

And I know it will help you too.
Believe in Yourself

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