“Can You Really Get Someone To Buy ?”

Last week’s post about:
“Two Similar Messages. Two Different Results” caused quite a lot of stir.

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Some people got it as they recognised the Emotional Triggers.

Others thought the winner was too much in their face.

The point here to remember about marketing is you are really only going after those who are ready to buy.

And before you think you can convince somebody to buy… the reality is… people DECIDE when to buy.

All you can do is help those sitting on the fence to make a decision.

Let me put it this way.

Year’s ago a very successful sales trainer in the Banking Industry named Marty Cohen taught me this.

(Yes I have a banking Background plus…I worked in the Marketing Department for 4 years)

  • 33% will love what you are offering.
  • 33% will hate what you are offering.
  • 33% will sit on the fence.

“Our aim is to get the 33% of people sitting precariously on that fence to fall to our side.”

I don’t know about you…

I will take 66% of people wanting my product or service any day !

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