It all started after I sent an email out last week.

Today I would like to take you on a journey.

A real live email journey which happened last week.

This is real.

The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

You will read every word of the emails.

If you are not interested to discover how emails work simply…
Click out now.  No skin of my knees if you do.

But if you wish to see how email can help your customers and YOU then…
Read on.

It all started after I sent an email out last week.

Hi Kurt,

We’ve spoken a long while back & I’m on your email list.

About the Sales Script book: Has this objection been addressed? “I’ll know it when I see it”.

This is an objection we get very often.

We’re in the Bridal/Mother-of-the-Bride Couture & Retail business.

I’ve been wanting to get the book & would like to know if you’ve got a response to that objection in the book.

Thanks for continuing to email me. I greatly appreciate your tips & advice.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards.


Now to prove David exists here is the link to David’s website:

The business itself is situated in High Street Armadale (Melbourne)
at the good end of town.

Here’s my first reply back to David.

Hi David

Yes I do remember you.

The objections covered in the manual are:

  1. It costs too much.
  2. How much discount do I get?
  3. I need to get more quotes.
  4. I don’t have that much to spend.
  5. I’m not the decision-maker; I have to refer this to another person.
  6. I need to consider this a bit longer.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with our old one.
  8. We don’t like your company.
  9. I’m not interested.
  10. Your product is new to us.
  11. The industry is expecting a downturn.
  12. We’ve tried it before but it didn’t work.
  13. I’ll only buy Australian products.
  14. I don’t wish to buy just yet.
  15. I’m happy with my current supplier.
  16. It’s too hard.
  17. I’m flat out.

The objection you are talking about – comes into a few categories but is not so much an objection – it is more of a person having too many choices in their mind.

I am the same when I am looking at clothes or suits.

In this instance the prospect needs to be reined in.

For example:

“I understand, there are so many different styles and colours to choose from.

Is it Ok if I could ask you a few questions to help ?”

(this is critical – ALWAYS ask permission to ask questions because they will always say yes and that has turned around their negativity.)

Then you ask pertinent questions.  Maybe like…

Would you be open to view dresses with stunning colour or is it a more subtle look you are wishing for?

Would you consider lace in a dress if you saw it?

Is price a factor because we have stunning evening wear between $500 – $800 and then there are those people who wish to own in $1000 + range.  Where would you fit in?

The key is to have a series of questions which you can fire out with ease.  Have three – four which roll of the tongue easily for you.

Another way is to ask this series of questions:

What style and colours have you worn before ?  (Need to find out what they have owned before)

What did you like about that/those dresses ?  (Include these in your presentations)

What would you like to have changed on those dresses ?  (Avoid these in your presentations)

Is there anyone else who needs to be consulted about you choosing your ideal dress ?  (Trying to find the real decision maker here)

Inside the manual there are plentiful examples which would help you create an objection response manual tailored for your business (excuse the pun).

Good luck


You will notice in the reply back to David that he needed help with his issues/concerns.

This is crucial aspect to understand in sales.


So let’s now see how David responded.

Thanks Kurt.

Wonderful to receive your prompt reply.

And thank-you for the well thought out suggestions, which are so apt.

We shall start using them right away & tweak them if we see the need. (Maybe not a complete tailoring 🙂 job.)

In the meantime, I’m going straight to the link in your original email, to purchase the book.

Please continue to stay in touch with your insightful emails.

Greatly appreciated.

Best wishes.


I then replied back:

Great thanks again David.

Is it Ok to use our emails to send out to my list ??? I will include your webpage as a link.


Which he naturally said…

No worries, Kurt.

Maybe a little plug for the wonderful service ladies can get from us 🙂?

You have our permission.

Kind regards.


And so it goes…

If you are looking for that wonderful Bridal, Mother Of The Bride, Couture then why not get Neomi Allen to help.  I know I would.

And to finish the journey David did go on and get hold of the Objection Response Manual.

And you should too.

Gees for around $20 Australian it is a real steal.
Click on the book.

Objection Response Manual







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