How To Get Your “Stuff” Read

It is not unusual for people not to read your article, post or email.

With today’s open rates around 10% – 20% it is getting harder and harder.

However, there are few techniques which will drive your customers into a a frenzy to read your every word.

Get your headlines and subject lines correct then you will gain more readers.

Here’s a few more tips for you.

A main point here though.

Email Subject Lines only exist for ONE REASON.

And Only One !

To get your email opened.

Knowing this simply strategy will increase your open rates.


Subject Line Type #1:

“Segmented Subject Lines”

Let me explain…

If you receive multiple emails per day then the ones which are likely to attract your immediate attention are those whose subject lines are specific to your wants.

e.g. Subject Lines which have catered to a topic you are interested in.

For years I have telling my clients, “Segment Your Lists.”

Because when you do; it allows you to craft specific messages to specific groups of people with the same interests.

It just makes sense.

In the advertising world these are known as ‘Self- Interest’ headlines.

Craft a subject line to a person’s self interest.

Here’s what I mean.

You only have around 6-8 words for an email subject line to grab a person’s real attention.  Make sure you spend time creating the right one.

For a Television series promotion:

“14 Thrilling Episodes of… Ready To Download Now”


“2 Easy Clicks To Watch The Full Series Of…”

This would appeal to the self interest of the person whom likes the particular series.

Do you get the point?

Create Subject Lines which will attract the attention of the person you are seeking.

Be specific to your segmented list.

Your open rates will increase.

Subject Line Type #2:

“Deliver The News”

Everybody who has a newspaper delivered to their home waits anxiously until it arrives.

When it’s later than the normal delivery time their heart starts pumping faster and they breathe quicker.

Why is this?

Is it because they think they have lost their money?

No, it’ because…

They can’t wait to see what the latest news is – To read what happened overnight.

You see, people want to know,
“What’s the latest news story.”

So this type of subject line is #2 in the most effective Marketing Subject Line.

It’s all about delivering news and creating a plan/system for them.

“Deliver The News”

Here are a few examples:

“Announcing The Four Most Watched TV Programs Of 2015”

“Discover 4 Tips To Flatten Your Stomach Forever”

“New Features Of The … Revealed”

“This Is How All Superstars Eat”

“This Is The Email Program I Use And Recommend”

“Revealing Four Email Subject Line Types To Increase Open Rates”

People love news !


So deliver it to them and watch your open rates SOAR

Subject Line Type #3:

“Create Curiosity”

Curiosity is a strange choice to come in at Number 3.

For years people told me, “Create Curiosity, Create Curiosity.”

So I did.

After all.  I followed the Gurus.

But after years of testing I discovered they were WRONG.

Sure “Curiosity” subject lines are OK, but they do not come into the first two places of success.

What I mean is…

Curiosity is a way to persuade someone to take a peek at your email.

After all, most of us at some time in our life couldn’t resist a lucky dip.

Could you.

You see, you were curious to see what was inside.

Now this is very important for the marketer to understand.

It’s a way of enticing and luring a person into your web.

Now I don’t mean you are going to do this illegally and with malice.

But more so you are going to do it because marketing is about manipulation and persuasion FOR the right reasons.

What we want to do as an Marketer is lure our recipients into the body of the email.

So let’s take a look of how we can do this.

How about a Subject Line which reads:

“How An Inquisitive Samsung Phone User Discovered The Secret To…”


“After 10 Years Of Using an iPhone I Just Discovered This Brilliant Feature…”

These types of subject lines are both Curiosity and Segmented/Self Interest and are the most powerful of subject lines.

The Curiosity subject line is the most commonly used by marketers but it is not necessarily the most effective.

Don’t over use it otherwise your recipients will get bored.

Subject Line Type #4:

“The Quick And Easy”

People don’t want the hard slog.

They want the quick & easy solution.

This type of subject line will appeal to the masses.

“7 Quick and Easy Tips To…”

But maybe 7 is too many?

“3 Quick And Easy Ways To…”

“It’s Easy.  Lose 5 kilograms in 10 days”

The best source of these type of email subject lines I have found is in the Sunday Paper – “Body and Soul Section.”

You will find them on the front of magazines too.

The copywriters have to compete with other headlines to grab your attention.

Here’s a few I discovered recently which can easily be changed and manipulated to match your Lists.

“Easy Ways To Relieve Joint Pain”

“Ditch The Dandruff Easily”

“New – Pain Ease”

“Soft Silky Hair Is Easy To Get”

“More Fullness and Shine in 14 Days”

The point of these subject lines is to offer them a product or service and tell them it’s easy to use, implement or action.

Writing Marketing Subject Lines can be awkward but if you concentrate on choosing one of the top four types you will find it more effective.

Here’s five tips to help write that very, very effective subject line..

  1. When sending to a segmented list try to include a self-interest subject line.
  2. If you have a new product or service build this into your subject line.
  3. Try not to write just a curiosity subject line.  Add news or self interest, you
    will see a dramatic increase in success.
  4. Stay positive with your headline.  Doom and gloom seldom works.
  5. People love quick & easy ways to do things.

And for an added bonus if you are really stuck.

What would make you buy your product or service?

Write this down.

Write all the words and sentences you can about why you would pay for your product or service.

And guess what?

I bet there would be a FANTASTIC SUBJECT LINE in there somewhere.

Recapping All Four Again:

Subject Line Type Number #1:

“Segmented Subject Lines”

Subject Line Type Number #2:

“Deliver The News”

Subject Line Type #3:

“Create Curiosity”

Subject Line Type #4:

“The Quick And Easy Way”

If you are in the need to write headlines and subject lines but not know how
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So the offer is:

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Believe In Yourself

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