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Joel came back to the stage at Mal Emery’s Speaking and Coaching Conference 2007 to talk about ‘Presence on the Platform’.

He was controversial as well as informative. If you ever have the opportunity to witness a Joel Bauer presentation please do it – you will rollercoast through seas of high emotion, yet witness a man as soft and vunerable as a new born.

Joel spoke candidly that as a platform speaker, “We are NOT their friends. We are there to fix their problems which are killing them.”

Some Joel comments I connected to are:

  • Create attention and focus;
  • Have them believe you;
  • Get their ownership and wanting a piece of you.

Some ways to do this is to learn Audio Visual – never let anyone control this aspect of your presentation. Also make sure you have a decent projector – it must be about 35-50 illuminums (?).

Room set up is important.  Joel built a PowerPoint presentation ‘How to set up a room’. (Kurt’s comment: I haven’t built one myself yet – but I did write it all down. I sense another bonus or e-book chapter coming).

Joel believes in Testimonials. Plenty of them. You can use a Canon SD 1000 that has 30 frames per second of video. It isn’t an expensive camera yet very effective and doesn’t need to have the extras.

You also need to have Windows Movie Maker 2.1. It’s free to download. You can use other cameras and programs. Joel’s point is you do not have to have anything lavish. Widows Movie Maker allows you to edit your testimonials quick and easy.

Joel’s script to get testimonials is:

“You don’t mind if I take out my camera and … could I capture your emotions to show we can inform and help others.”

Thank them for the gift. Have them do it again and monetise.

Kurt’s Footnote:

Joel is a legend, which essentially to me means, soak up what you can from this man he has much, much to offer.

Cheers and Great Selling


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