The WHY and HOW – Our True Purpose as Platform Closers and the Ultimate Platform Seduction Formula


Joel Bauer is an interesting and intriguing guy.

Energetic, boisterous, soft, compassionate, egotistical, lovable, loud – are all words that at times describe Joel.

What Joel has without doubt is one of the most powerful presence on a platform that you could witness.

He is alluring, yet intimidating, he is sytematic yet able to transport you to different thought provoking places. I even heard several attendees say, “He scares me”. Whatever, your take on Joel is and mine is one of great admiration, Joel is unique and worthy of listening to, learning from and using him as a mentor.

Joel kept preaching: “WRITE THIS DOWN !!!” and as an obeying little puppy dog I did. Here are some of my writings and capturings during his session.

Stay tuned for Joel’s thoughts and teachings on platform speaking it is one hell of a ride.

  • “If you are not using PowerPoint you are a fool ! Whitescreen, layers and control your audio, DO NOT allow anyone to control you audio.”But you don’t know how to do this DO YOU ! I do and I’m Joel Bauer ! (From Kurt – Wow, we were straight into Joels’ talk and boy does he grab your attention).
  • Find the price point the audience will tolerate. Not what you want to charge.
  • Storyboard your PowerPoint. It is like cartoons cels, you need many and in the correct order to make your message sink in.
  • Tear youself down and allow them to build you up. The products I sell are only “Bullshit in a Box. – If you are not implementing them they are bullshit.”
  • If the person in the audience doesn’t wish to become you they will never buy.
  • You close the audience before you come onto stage.
  • There are no mistakes in your presentation unless you acknowledge them.
  • Use a logo on your slides. If you don’t you are a fool !
  • They need to connect with you from the heart.
  • Have a logo, have music, have animations – create their concern i.e. “Save your life in 3 moves – Protect your family forever.”
  • If you don’t believe you will change their lives neither will they.
  • You only have fear because what you show them you do not believe in.
  • As a CLOSER you must know what their main concerns are then give them proof in the form of Audio Movies and Testimonials and make sure the testimonials are monetised. The more women you use in these testimonials you more money you will make.
  • Being good is the result of Frequency and Repetition.
  • Don’t talk about your opinions – they are not interested.

Joel’s overview: The main outcome of a platform closer is to separate someone from their cash because they need you in their life.

Kurt’s Footnotes:

Love Joel or be intimidated by him; does it really matter if he can live up to his goal of “Having you retired within 3-5 years with a profitable back-end.”

For mine Joel – I love you.

Cheers and Great Selling


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