To Make A New Year’s Resolution Or Not?

Hi Everyone

New Year upon us and do we make a resolution or not.

Most of us don’t keep them so for 2009 I am going to change my thoughts and NOT make a New Year’s Resolution,


I am going to make quicker and more decisive decisions starting with this one.

I am going to cease watching the six o’clock news stories except for the sport and weather.

You  see there is too much gloom and doom being processed through the news and I wish to remain distant from it and to stay positive.

As the saying goes…

“Success Breeds Success”

and you will not find this if you keep watching the news.

I’ll keep up to speed on the world by on-line news and the paper I buy each day.

That way I can skim over most of it and hone in on the stories which intrigue me, not the ones a news editor wishes to telecast.

There ya go.

Probably is a Resolution for the pedantics


for me it’s a DECISION.

Heers hoping you make some great decisons in your life for 2009.

See you next year.

Cheers and Great Selling


PS: Let me know what your 2009 decisons are going to be – I am interested.

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  1. Nicola Davy says

    Hi Kurt,
    LOVED your ‘I QUIT’ positive thinking email dated 3rd March 2009.
    Focus on the negative..receives negative results. BUT focus on the positive and the world is your oyster!!
    Yes we are in a turbulent time right now BUT this can be used to our advantage, as indeed this is actually a great financial time for those that felt it was out of their reach not so long ago. Think positive and plan, action that plan, the results in time will be rewarding.
    Well done Kurt and have a very rewarding 2009.
    Nicola Davy
    Safetyco Pty Ltd

  2. John- Wiztec IT says

    I whole heartedly agree with you Kurt, lets make our own “good news” and keep moving in a positive direction in 2009.
    We will start the new upward trend for 2009, and anyone with similar thoughts and ideas can help us push “Onwards and Upwards”.

    Here’s to a MASSIVE 2009!!

    John D’Alessandro
    Wiztec IT Solutions

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