“Victor Made $19,200 From One Email…Let Me Show You How”

Victor Little has been using email marketing in his business for 6 years.

He tried emailing out to customers himself, with a little bit of success but nothing startling.

In 2009 Victor and I met and he handed over the emailing to his clients to me.
(Victor is a believer that you cannot do everything in your business and you need at times to outsource.)

Now don’t get me wrong…

Victor is an astute business person and marketer yet he recognises the need to outsource to those who specialize in certain areas.

The first set of emails showed spectacular open and read rates and sales were happening.

Then a huge pay day came very quickly.

You may have seen Victor’s testimonial on my website where Victor tells how emailing made him $39,000 in 3 days – using only email.
You can view it here: Victor’s Testimonial.

What Victor is very good at is testing and trying all marketing types.
He sends out letters, flyers, faxes, texts and makes phone calls.

He is most proactive in reaching out to his customers and looks for new clients by researching for ‘prospects’ contact details.

Last month Victor discovered another group of prospects which he immediately set upon with his marketing plans in action.

Sounds sinister doesn’t it.  But it isn’t because Victor knows how to be a welcome guest to potential buyers.

The new list consisted of 113 potential buyers of his products and services.

His first marketing was a well constructed letter, offer and action plan.

Result – Nil.

He then set about with a Text Campaign.

Result – Nil.

Not to be fazed he faxed everyone on the list.

Result – Nil.

Three excellent marketing campaigns and no return phones calls, messages (not even abusive ones) and NO sales.

Then Victor called me and said, “I am a bit miffed I would have thought somebody would have bitten.”  “After all, the offer was fantastic.”

I asked him why didn’t he email them?

His response was, “I didn’t have many email addresses so I didn’t bother.”

My reply was pretty simple…

Send me over the contact list, your marketing letter and I’ll give it a go.

On receipt of the letter, I thought…

Gees this isn’t too bad.  All the elements of a great sales letter were there.
(Which I knew it would have been because Victor knows what he is doing.)

I looked at the list and cleaned it up with only email-address prospects and the number came to 48.

Yes the list went from 113 potential buyers to 48.

Not to be dismayed, as I know you only need one hot and heavy buyer, I set about weaving my magic to create an email which would make them salivate and
grab out their credit card.

The email was uploaded.
The 48 strong list was uploaded and
Now all I had to do was push the send button and wait.

Well it didn’t take long…

The very next day Victor received an order for $19,200 from the one email.

YES…a $19,200 order !

Victor knows it was the email which drove the sale because the customer replied to the email I sent.

Was Victor happy…

Of course he was.

Now let’s analyze this…

The email made the sale.

Was it only the email ?

We will never know but it was the email which the person replied to.

Do you get the point here…

The customer is more likely to reply to an email because it is easier, quicker and cost nothing for them to do it.

So the point is if you are not using email to market your products and services you are crazy.

Email works…

Just ask Victor.

I have been doing this in business circles for years and now it is your turn
to benefit.

Take advantage of my:

“Email Engagement and Business Breakthrough Sessions”


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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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