“Don’t Waste Transactional Emails”

I was talking to Bill a client today.  Bill is a motor mechanic and on-and-off I have been helping him for a few years.

Bill was wondering how he could make more use of email to his clients and what he could discuss with them.

This is a normal question I receive from business owners but more importantly it is the biggest road block which prevents people engaging with email…

They simply do not know what to write.

So here’s a tip apart from my:
The 8 Different Email Types – Revealed which gives you an easy to follow roadmap with examples.

It’s making better use of “Transactional Emails”

What I mean by this is…

Bill sends around 5-10 payment invoices to clients a day.
Whether they are confirmation emails or quotes and invoices to people to pay before they pick up their car.  It is just a normal part of his business.

These emails are simply stating what the cost of the service was or is to be.  Nothing flash… very pedestrian and bland.  They are known as transactional emails.

But what if Bill…

Added a promotional message to these emails.  How much better would they be for his business.

Let me explain…

What if Bill added something like…

“Refer a friend to us in November and both you and them receive 10% off your next service…”
“Get your car ready for the December Holidays.  Book now so you don’t miss out”
“Take advantage of Bill’s Birthday…All bookings in the week commencing November 16th receives a free cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop”  –  (Do a deal with the local shop owner)

Now before you go and say…

“That will never work for me !”

Maybe – maybe not.

It doesn’t have to be these specific  messages either.  Be creative..

And before you dump the idea…

May I ask you this…

“Have You Tried IT ?”.

Transactional emails matter.

Customers are 6x more likely to open and click a transactional email than a marketing email.

Don’t Waste Transactional Emails

PS:  Need help with writing transactional emails?
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