My Waterbed Broke

A strange thing happened to me on Sunday night.

My four-poster waterbed bladder ripped open with a monster size hole and blasted out 889 litres of water into my bedroom.

For two excruciating hours I feverishly fought the onslaught of gushing torrent using 7 towels, 2 cut-off siphoning hoses and 4 x 10 litre buckets to remove as much water as I could.

Now when you have that quantity of water and a bed weighing as much as 900 kilos it is not an easy task to complete.

Right now it is rather comical to reflect.

Back then it was worthy of a Hollywood catastrophic film production.

The problem I am now to solve is whether to replace a warm, comfortable, style of bed which I have had for 30 years or go with the latest type of posturepedic mattress.

Oh the dilemma…

But my decision would have been easier if the company that sold me my water bed and a number of replacement bladders over the years had kept in contact with me.

Yeah… Yeah…

I know…

The internet wasn’t around way back when my four-poster waterbed first took pride and place.

And for that company (which still exists) to write to me over thirty years appears a waste of time.

But is it ?

During that period of time they could have sent me a letter and asked me to supply them with my email address.

Maybe offer me an incentive to do so like:

  • 10%-20% off on my next purchase;
  • two-for-one bonus buy;
  • a chance to win a brand spanking new waterbed or similar product.

There are countless offerings you can make to prompt people to hand over their email address.

And they should not be shy to ask because…

If they do not ask the question the answer is always NO !

When they have my email address they could then have kept in contact with me every few weeks or so which is so easy and affordable to do.

Then maybe when I needed to replace the entire bed they would have been in the front of mind and they would likely achieve a sale.

It makes sense to me but…

What would I know I only do this for a living.

If you can help me decide what sleeping facility I should take a look at I’d love to hear from you.

If you would like help with your email marketing then you also know where I am.

Believe in Yourself

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