“What Does July 4th Mean To You”

“What Does the 4th of July Mean To You?”


For Americans the 4th of July means Independence Day.

For those born on the 4th of July it means …


For me, the 4th of July means the day I moved into my very successful world of working for myself and being my own boss.

That was a cool 12 years ago and boy whilst it was a mixture of being excited and anxious; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, I can pick and choose what I wish to do and when I do it. It’s a feeling which I wish everyone to experience.

It has never really been simple and easy – life isn’t like that.

Success ONLY comes before WORK in the dictionary.


It has been rewarding and profitable.

So, today being my own Independence Day, well actually it was way back in 1996, I thought what could I do to help others achieve the same freedom I have.

And then I thought…

Why not invite them into something I dis*covered last year. My good friend, Jeremy and I keep this to ourselves.


Not entirely to ourselves.


I was introduced to it last year by Ingrid Cliff and since then I have involved others like my friends in Queensland; Jeremy and Angela.

The Thirty Day Challenge is a fun, internet marketing learning experience which costs nothing and teaches you heaps. It’s about helping you dis*cover the world of internet marketing at no cost. The Challenge being, start a business on the internet which enriches lives and brings in money.

I started the program late 2007, sat down and went through all the lessons and BIN*GO a cheque arrived in the mail which made me a WINNER.

There was no fanfare with this – Well actually there was. I was jumping around saying, “Who’s the Man !” but that was totally self-indulgent.

I mean no fan-fare, you work at your pace receiving free lessons from Ed Dale and without doubt it has to be the best FREE internet marketing course you will ever dis*cover.

The pre-sea*son for 2008 started a few weeks ago but the Challenge doesn’t commence until August so there is plenty of time to ca*tch up.

I don’t get paid anything for getting you on board ( I do get credited for referrals but I don’t understand what that means).

I am doing it because today is the anniversary of Independence for the Americans and is also the anniversary of my Independence Day – WAY back in 1996.

I hope you have your Independence Day shortly as well.

I know by doing the THIRTY CHALLENGE and pre-sea*son you will be well and truly on your way.

Cheers and Great Selling
Johansen International Pty Ltd
Direct: 0412 94 77 33

PS: If you decide to take the THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE let me know, it’s always great to talk to others about what you learn.

PPS: This year Jeremy and I are forming a team to compete – only those who link through me can join with me . Except for Ingrid and Angela of course – I can’t forget my Queensland buddies.

PPPS: There are no strings attached here, I was sitting at my computer thinking how grateful I am for the 4th of July 1996 being my Independence Day and how can I help others do the same – I hope you take on the Challenge I would love you to get the freedom I enjoy. To do so just click on any of the links I have provided in the email.

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