What Would You Do ?

I was talking to a guy this morning named Tom. (not his real name).

Tom loves bikes. He breathes them. He rides them. He repairs them and
he sells them.

It’s been Tom’s passion for 35 years.

Tom has a very successful motorcycle business.

Yet Tom has now decided to move on.

He wants to pursue his other love – house renovating.

Tom has built up a sizable property portfolio over the
years and loves organising ‘tradies’ to help transform dusty
old-rundown properties into glorious dwellings.

The problem Tom has is he can’t leave his business yet because
it is attached to him. It is in his DNA.

He can’t just walk away and leave his customers and friends
languishing with new owners whom may not care as much as
he does.

So what should Tom do ?

Sell ?


Hang in there and pull away from the house renovating ?

It is a dilemma many of us have.

Do we stay or follow a dream?

I am catching up with Tom again tomorrow to see where he is at.

In the mean time what would you do?

Stay with the business, which you love with a passion or leave
to meet a new venture in you life ?

What would you do?

Leave a comment on my blog.

I would love to know your thoughts.

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  1. It will be interesting Ward. I have a get together with Tom tomorrow and will discover what he intends to do.

  2. Tom should sell. Never die wondering. He really has made the decision already.
    The person that buys his business is also going to be as passionate about as it will be their dream as well.

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