“What’s The Difference Between P.T. Barnum & Sylvester Stallone?”

Hi Everyone

What IS the difference between these two incredibly gifted men.

Read what Phineas T. Barnum wrote 128 years ago

and then…

listen to Tony Robbins tell a 9 minute story about the man who wrote Rocky.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think the difference is

because ….

well I’m truly interested.

Here’s what P.T. Barnum wrote in “The Art of Getting Money” in 1880.



Engage in one kind of business only, and stick to it faithfully until you succeed, or until your experience shows that you abandon it.

A constant hammering on one nail will generally drive it home at last, so that it can be clinched.

When a man’s undivided attention is centered on one object, his mind will constantly be suggesting improvements of value, which would escape him if his brain was occupied by a dozen different subjects at once.

Many a fortune has slipped through a man’s fingers because he was engaged in too many occupations at a time.

There is good sense in the old caution against having too many irons in the fire at once.”

P.T. Barnum 1880



Grab a comfy seat, sit back, relax  and enjoy another Tony Robbins video.

This one’s  about a man who knew what  he wanted.

So, do you know what you want in life?

Do you know your OUTCOME.

If you do…

Go and chase it with all your heart.

Merry Christmas everyone and may all your dreams come true.

Cheers and Great Selling
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