“Will Social Media Kill The Email Star?”

Loren McDonald asks the question in her post, “Will Social Media Kill The Email Star?” at Media Post Publications.

It is an interesting question because Social Media has become so prominent.

There will always be room for email marketing if you do it right:
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Meanwhile, here is the opening paragraph of Loren’s article.

You can read the rest of the email marketing article here.

“Despite the recent Nielsen Online study that claims social networking and blogs are more popular than email, I believe email will survive, especially for commercial and transactional messages.

Social media is having an effect on email, however.

It’s changing our own expectations of email and how we use it to communicate.

This is the issue many marketers are failing to address.
The growth and adoption of social media doesn’t mean email is dead, or that marketers have to abandon everything they’ve done to build a successful program and then start over.

However, companies that don’t understand or respond to this rapid and radical change in expectations will likely see their email programs decline in performance and engagement.
In short, email needs to become even more “social” in its tone, personality, conversational style and relevance.”

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