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How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections


How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections

Make sure you study and use the ones which you hear the most.

You may have heard of the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule which in sales means 20% of the Objections will come up 80% of the time.

What this means for you is only 3-5 Objections of the 17 objections will come up 80% of the time.

Therefore if you study and practice these 3-5 objections you will stay in the sales cycle longer and achieve success.

Good luck.

In the meantime…

Here are the 3 Sales Bonuses I promised.

Bonus #1 – PreCall Plan.

Don’t leave it to chance to work out what to say in a sales call.
Professionals Act The Way They Should Not The Way They Feel.
Professionals PLAN.

Bonus #2 – Call Review

Sit down and write up how your sales call went.  If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.

Bonus #3 – Five Closing Techniques

Closing the sale is actually the easiest part of all sales calls.

If you overcome all the objections the prospect has no other movement except to buy.

But if you need a hand here are 5 super ways to help get the sale across the line.


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