How To Overcome Customer Objections

Getting the customer to say YES is not easy at times. 
They bring up many reasons not to buy and it can be difficult
to argue with them.But not any more…

IntroducingHow To
Overcome 17 Of The Most
Common Sales Objections


Objection Response Manual
Have you ever got stuck what to say
next when a customer brings up a
sales objection?

You know…

That awkward moment when you are
stumped and can’t answer them

There you are, you have given your
best sales pitch and the customer says;
“Your product costs too much !”

What are you going to say in return?

How about when they say…

“We don’t like your company.”
What are you going to say next?
Do you say anything or do you let the objection lose you the sale ?
If this is you and you can relate to this then it’s OK.
It is not your fault.
Most sales people do not know how to handle sales objections.

They simply close their shoulders, bend their knees and sleek away. 

Another lost sale.

But not anymore.

Introducing the Sales Person’s Ultimate Wealth Kit.


“How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections”
Discover the little known secrets used by sales millionaires to keep them making
more sales over and over again. 
Secrets once known will  bring in more sales and cash for you too.
You can now benefit from years of research and development and own your
very own Objection Response Manual to take refer to in every sales situation
“How to Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections” is a collection of
the 141 powerful phrases and responses you can use to
counter any objection thrown at you.
There is no coincidence sales professionals who earn hundreds of
thousands, even a million dollars a year all use sales objection scripts and
you can too.
The sales script book is a business art form.

Even a basic sales script book can increase sales effectiveness and
profits by from 10 to over 50 percent,
depending upon the industry and the salesperson.

Dr. Donald J. Moine

What are you going to say when somebody says to you…
  • I’m not interested;
  • Your product is new to us;
  • The industry is expecting a downturn;
  • We’ve tried it before but it didn’t work;
  • Your product costs too much !
  •  I need to get more quotes;
  • I don’t have that much to spend;
  • I’m not the decision-maker; I have to refer this to another person;
  • I need to consider this a bit longer;
  • There’s nothing wrong with our old one;
  • And many others.

These are natural, reasonable and common objections all sales people
receive yet only the great sales people know how to overcome them. 


Here’s an example of what you will discover inside your very own copy of
“How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections”


Yes, I know this may seem to be the case but the cost of the product
is only a small part of the overall value.

You see (person’s name..) you get me to make sure it’s sourced, packed,
and forwarded when we promise.

Plus there is our guarantee which covers you … so we take all the risk.



It isn’t really discount you are after (person’s name).

What you are really saying is  give me some extra value
or another reason for me to buy from you.

Let’s see how I can do that for you.

Now first:



Yes, I understand that it makes good sense.

If you are phoning around make sure you discover what their terms and
delivery are.

For the product you have asked for
1. We have it in stock
2. Can get it out to in today’s deliveries
3. Plus I’m happy to throw in a mag light for you in the order – you can
never have too many mag lights can you (person’s first name)

So let’s do the deal now (person’s first name). 
There is no need to shop around.


Imagine this…

A customer says to you…
“I am not the decision maker.”
What are you going to say next?

How about…

“I need to consider this a BIT LONGER”

Are you going to respond or walk away losing all hope of a sale.

“How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections”
contains over 141 tried and tested awesome sales scripts you can respond
to your prospect with.

Never be stuck  with what to say again. 

Simply have your Objection Response Manual at your fingertips and return
their objection like you
have aced them in tennis.

See the look of admiration in their eyes as they admit their objection
was not real or valid but only a pathway to saying yes.

Print out your Objection Response Manual and take it with you.  Have it
available on your computer or access it by phone. 


Have it with you to help overcome that difficult objection.

The Objection Response Manual has been especially created to help the
novice sale person or the sales professional.  There are hidden gems
contained within anyone in sales can use.

It is a must addition to any sales arsenal.

The secrets to making more and more sales are revealed in this Ultimate
Sales Person’s Wealth Kit.

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could not overcome even one
objection then I will promptly
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full investment, no questions asked.


These Sales Objections Work !

The information within the sales manual will literally change
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Kurt J Johansen

   Kurt Johansen

Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer & Author



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