You Will Be More Effective If

One of the flaws of being a business owner is working too long and too hard in your business. You need at times to sit back and take a look at which direction to take. Often it is because you are not sure where to go for help. Yet, it is help we often need. In Dr Stephen Covey's world best-seller "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" he … [Read more...]

How To Get More Clients in Your Business

Welcome to this business lesson on How to Get More Clients in Your Business. Many of my clients over the years wished to jump in and start advertising, which in itself is commendable but it….is Dangerous. Let me explain… All fishermen know that it takes different bait to capture different fish. And so it is in business. Different advertising … [Read more...]

How To Stay In Touch With Website Visitors

Another great use of your autoresponder program is to create a 'signup box' to place on your website. The signup box captures names and email addresses and directly adds them into the autoresponder so you can send out a series of pre-programmed emails. Imagine this… You have a great article, promotion, e-book or a savings coupon which you would … [Read more...]

How Important are Autoresponders to Your On-Line Marketing ?

On-line marketing and autoresponders go hand-in-hand. In today’s online business world, you simply cannot succeed at on-line marketing marketing without the use of autoresponders. Autoresponders are used to achieve many of the marketing tasks that are essential to a successful online business. Autoresponders are used to: keep in contact with your … [Read more...]

“1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers”

"1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers" Writing good 'copy' is essential in email marketing. It is a skill which can be learned, yet many people do not have the time and patience to master it. And if this is you then it's OK.  You do not have to spend years training to be the best copywriter, although it helps to learn a few tips and … [Read more...]

How To Make Money With Email Without Spamming Your Customers

Here is the replay of the webinar held today about: "How To Make Money With Email Without Spamming Your Customers" It is part of the Sydney Business Month series. Inside the webinar you will learn: What is Email Marketing; What does the Spam Act say including 3 critical points to stay legal; The catastrophic penalties for getting it … [Read more...]

Yoda says, “Interesting, Some Were”

It seems Father's Day remains as popular as ever.  And why wouldn't it be.  It gets marketed heavily by the retail stores. During the week some people receiving my emails sent me their Father's Day email campaigns to take a look at.   As Yoda would say, "Interesting, Some Were." Overall the campaigns clearly showed what people were  … [Read more...]

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