“1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers”

"1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers" Writing good 'copy' is essential in email marketing. It is a skill which can be learned, yet many people do not have the time and patience to master it. And if this is you then it's OK.  You do not have to spend years training to be the best copywriter, although it helps to learn a few tips and … [Read more...]

How To Make Money With Email Without Spamming Your Customers

Here is the replay of the webinar held today about: "How To Make Money With Email Without Spamming Your Customers" It is part of the Sydney Business Month series. Inside the webinar you will learn: What is Email Marketing; What does the Spam Act say including 3 critical points to stay legal; The catastrophic penalties for getting it … [Read more...]

Yoda says, “Interesting, Some Were”

It seems Father's Day remains as popular as ever.  And why wouldn't it be.  It gets marketed heavily by the retail stores. During the week some people receiving my emails sent me their Father's Day email campaigns to take a look at.   As Yoda would say, "Interesting, Some Were." Overall the campaigns clearly showed what people were  … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Adverts Revisited

Last week's post about Father's Day adverts provided some funny comments from my recipients as well as achieving near record-breaking open/read and clickthrough rates.(Yes, I keep statistics) In case you missed the email here is the link again - Father's Day Promotions.The point I wish to make today is provide your email recipients with … [Read more...]

Do You Use Gmail – Then This Is A Must Read

Do you use Gmail ? If so this email is a MUST read. Gmail is progressively rolling out a method of pre-sorting your emails for you.(Aren't they lovely) Essentially Gmail will sort your emails into one of five main categories. Here are the categories:    You may not see any changes in your Gmail account yet but mine has been affected so … [Read more...]

Do These Three Questions Relate To You ?

I love talking to my clients and working through email marketing issues with them.  These issues invariably get turned into questions. Three questions which are commonly asked are: My products sell at the high-end. Should I use emails to sell?; I sell business-to-business. Will email marketing work for me?; I sell only to consumers. Is email … [Read more...]

“Are You Game To Contact Me ?”

I really appreciate you are on my site so to show it, I am going to open up the phone lines this month and allow you to call me to have a chat about your business. Being a business and email marketing coach for years I have seen many problems which most business owners would love a bit of guidance on. Here’s an example: Are these 4 core … [Read more...]

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