Are You Guilty of ‘The Play It Safe Mentality’ ?

I personally talk to hundreds of business people every year. Some I coach, some I train in various business subjects and many call, email or catch me in the corridors to pick my brain. I am often asked for the magic answer to help them grow their business. You know the magic pill which will solve all their business problems. It's a normal … [Read more...]

The Secret Of Success Is…

What I am about to tell you is not something special. It is not special because I think you already know the answer. It's been in front of most people for years yet for their reasons people ignore it. It is how to achieve SUCCESS. And Success is different for each one of us. What one person sees as success another person may not. But... It … [Read more...]

How to bring more cash into your business in the next three months

First... If you are not wanting to make more money this year don't read anymore. This post will waste your time. Now... I have to admit I have never really been one to write down and set 12-month goals. For some reason, I cannot even get into the art of seeking divine help and chanting mystical affirmations. Nope; singing Kumbaya is not my … [Read more...]

Has Facebook and Twitter Taken Over Email ?

Over recent weeks many prospective new clients have asked me is email still relevant in today's social media driven world? I mean with the insurgence of Facebook and Twitter does Email still get results? Now the obvious answer is... It depends. The real answer is - OF COURSE IT IS RELEVANT.  Even more so if you wish to convert people into … [Read more...]

How To Make Money With Email Without Spamming Your Customers

Here is the replay of the webinar held today about: "How To Make Money With Email Without Spamming Your Customers" It is part of the Sydney Business Month series. Inside the webinar you will learn: What is Email Marketing; What does the Spam Act say including 3 critical points to stay legal; The catastrophic penalties for getting it … [Read more...]

Do You Use Gmail – Then This Is A Must Read

Do you use Gmail ? If so this email is a MUST read. Gmail is progressively rolling out a method of pre-sorting your emails for you.(Aren't they lovely) Essentially Gmail will sort your emails into one of five main categories. Here are the categories:    You may not see any changes in your Gmail account yet but mine has been affected so … [Read more...]

Does Gold, Silver or Bronze best suit you?

Let me explain. My recent posts about mentoring and coaching people to email market have led to an abundance of queries from business owners. Most are asking a similar question: “How do I start an email marketing program inside my business?” Well let’s look at this in two ways, hardest and easiest. 1. The hardest way to undertake email … [Read more...]

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