“…because it works; that’s why – Part #2”

"...because it works; that's why - Part #2" You were not aware there was going to be a Part #2 to yesterday's email did you ? To be truthful - neither did I at first. But then it dawned upon me that I should give you some more help, info and guidance about email marketing. And especially... Long emails or short emails. The best way to answer … [Read more...]

…because it works; that’s why”

If you don’t like what I am about to tell you then… I'm sorry, but it’s true and it works. Anyhow, let me tell you something one of my client's does. They send out an email each week regarding a particular topic which is newsworthy.  Week after week after week. Let me guess what you're thinking. Is it something like this? Why do they send out … [Read more...]

An Update On Ralph

In January I wrote you a story about Ralph my hairdresser. The subject line was: “Don’t Make This Mistake In Your Business Ralph Made.” It was about Ralph not having any contact details of his clients and the catastrophic event which he found himself in. To recollect, this is what happened to Ralph. “Mate I am in a mess.”  He immediately … [Read more...]

“How To Make Valentine’s Day A Customer Favourite”

 "How To Make Valentine’s Day A Customer Favourite"with these 10 high-efficiency, laboratory-tested email marketing tips Hi  Valentine's Day is almost upon us and many people dread it. They get nervous, anxious and worry about what do or get their secret or favourite loved one. So to help you and your customers, here are ten high-efficiency, … [Read more...]

The Best Way For Me To Grieve Is…

My 10 year old Golden Retriever who laid at my feet in my office died on Saturday. The best way for me to grieve is to keep working and be very busy. So, to honor my pooch who was a friend and confident as I wrote 1000's of emails for people over the years I am making you an offer which will save you $1000. I am calling it my "Keera … [Read more...]

Sorry I Should Have Told You…

In the last week or so I have been contacted by two people to ask about doing their email campaigns for them. Both of them enquired, "Kurt, do you do email marketing for people or do you just coach them ?" I paused confused for a moment and said to myself, "Gees, I do create emails for a select group of clients - I thought people knew that." But … [Read more...]

Time And Number Sensitive Offer

I just received an email from one of my former clients whomwanted to grab one of my 5 x 5 x 5.5 email deals.You know the one where I help 5 businesses create 5 emails for $550.I did a Christmas Promotion about it a couple of weeks ago andit sold out.Well, it seemed they could not use it for Christmas so they let the offer lapse.But...Now they have … [Read more...]

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