Top Ten Tips To Help With Your Christmas Email Marketing

Christmas Emails arriving in inboxes are expected this time of the year and are as common as sighting a fairy sitting on top of a Christmas tree. And the beaut thing is... It is the norm. What this means is people are expecting to hear from you. Which is fantastic for the business person who understands email marketing. It doesn't matter how big or … [Read more...]

How To Get Christmas Email Help

Ok...Now listen up. Christmas is less than one month away. I know I know. It's the furthest thing from your mind right now. But this email is not about you.  Get over it. It's about your CUSTOMERS. Many of them would be starting to feel nervous about finding the perfect present for their loved ones. Presents that will delight and bring joyous warm … [Read more...]

Free – “How To Write Christmas Email Campaigns”

Did you know… The majority of customers need help to buy presents. Sure; some may have already started their Christmas shopping but… many would not have. Plus… there is always ‘that relative’ who is proving to be a ‘headache’ - or 'NIGHTMARE' to buy for. So what can you do to help customers in this predicament? The major thing to do is to start to … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: It’s Not Too Late To Send Christmas Emails

Hi As Christmas is approaching I would like to give you a gift. Now this is no ordinary gift. It is a gift which, if embraced, understood and implemented, will transform your business overnight. But first... I would like to be brutally open, transparent and honest with you. Like most people on my lists you have been receiving … [Read more...]

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