Offer Your Customers Something Special On Valentine’s Day

People are more likely to buy from you if you offer them something special or add value to the sale. Now don't get me wrong... I am not talking about discounting... I am talking about ADDING a bonus item which is perceived of value to them yet... Can be obtained economically by you. Years ago when I sold Animation Art I would offer a 'free … [Read more...]

You Deserve To Learn From The Best

I was at a Junior Football meeting last night and people were talking about how their kids could become better players. There were exchanges around: Improved Training Drills; Improved Dedication and Want to Succeed; and to get Better Coaches. It was universally agreed that to succeed you need a number of elements. Yet the most talked about point … [Read more...]

What Would You Do ?

I was talking to a guy this morning named Tom. (not his real name). Tom loves bikes. He breathes them. He rides them. He repairs them and he sells them. It's been Tom's passion for 35 years. Tom has a very successful motorcycle business. Yet Tom has now decided to move on. He wants to pursue his other love - house renovating. Tom has built up a … [Read more...]

“Stuck With What To Write Each Week ?”

How To Create An Effective Email Marketing Ritual The biggest concern my customers reveal to me is they don’t know what to and when to write emails. Email Marketing like any other marketing should start with a plan. To help… I am going to use a part of the first verse of an old Rudyard Kipling poem called: “I Keep Six Honest Men” By using … [Read more...]

13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid

"13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid" But First... I have had an amazing past two weeks. I took on a batch of new clients in the fields of Accounting, Home Building, A Roofing Guy, a Cafe and also a NLP person. Their needs and desires became mine. I bunkered down and helped create email campaigns and autoresponder series which will … [Read more...]

Use This Email Tip To Make Your Sales Go Through The Roof

Never Ever Think You Are Emailing A Business Or Company Businesses are not people and it is a person whom will open your email. What I mean is there is no such thing as B to B Marketing. You see... You are a person and so is your email recipient.  Keep this in mind because... When you hit on the emotion of why your email recipients are … [Read more...]

“5 Things To Hate About Marketing Seminars”

Have you been to a marketing seminar over the past few years? The ones where there are multiple speakers and they give you all the latest tricks and techniques which will make you money? You know... The seminars where they pump you full of 'back slapping', 'high fives', 'praise the lord' type rhetoric ! Yes they exist... … [Read more...]

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