Australia Post Or Email ? – Part 2

With the price of stamps and the delay in delivery time announced by Australia Post recently it makes sense to move your customer database over to online. Why? Because… You can send emails to them much more cost effective than the old snail mail. And… You can send multiple messages, multiple times closer together. However, it isn’t about totally … [Read more...]

Email List Growth Is Important For Sales

"According to a new Ascend2 study, 61% of sales and business professionals around the world report that their email lists are growing slowly, while 67% say that list growth is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing program." What this means is you need to have strategies in place to grow your customer database. The most … [Read more...]

“How Often Should I Email My Clients ?”

This is the single most asked question I receive from people. Before I answer the particular question I ask them one back. And that is... "When was the last time you looked at your list and why people are on there ?" You see, it is not about how many times you email your clients it is about what you have to say to them. To segment your customer … [Read more...]

This Is Where The Money Is In Your Business

I'm sure my kids look at me some days and wonder what I do. Sometimes they see me working feverishly at my computer in the office or they hear me on Skype through the closed-wooden-sliding doors. Having three boys who play Aussie Rules they also see me watching them train when other parents are at work. I'm sure they feel my job is weird … [Read more...]

“Stuck With What To Write Each Week ?”

How To Create An Effective Email Marketing Ritual The biggest concern my customers reveal to me is they don’t know what to and when to write emails. Email Marketing like any other marketing should start with a plan. To help… I am going to use a part of the first verse of an old Rudyard Kipling poem called: “I Keep Six Honest Men” By using … [Read more...]

“The Truth About Email Open Rates And Statistics”

"This Email Is Going To Offend Many Email Marketers" has to be told. Let me welcome in 2014 with you with the honesty of a Tom Hank's Movie. It is time the TRUTH about Email Open Rates and Statistics Was Told. For too long the promise of riches and immediate sales by sending just one email needs to be exposed as a phony and a hoax … [Read more...]

Auto Responders: The Email Marketer’s Magic Weapon

Imagine this... Pauline (an avid baby clothes designer) visits your website.  You sell a book which helps improve her designing knowledge.  She's highly interested in what you have to offer, but she's just not ready to purchase yet.  She's still recovering from the school holidays and needs to pay off the credit card that she used extensively … [Read more...]

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