The Words My Wife Hated Me Saying

It's no secret... As a married man it is not hard to get into trouble with the wife. I mean to say sometimes you only have to awaken, yawn loudly and booyaa you're in trouble for breaking the peaceful silence. Or is it just me ??? Among the confusing rules I live under I also have to answer ambiguous questions. Like this one today... "I … [Read more...]

They Do Have The Capacity To…

It's always a treat to receive an email from an old friend. You know the type... One which tells you about what they are doing. The funny thing is at times the email will contain details you may not wish to hear. Let me explain... I recently received an email and photo attachments from a friend I see now maybe once a year. At first it was … [Read more...]

Better still copy and paste and print it out

I have a question to ask you  but first... The last 60 days have been intriguing. For 30 days I travelled 7,000 klms around Australia visiting my clients then... the past 30 days I was held captive by one to work solely for them. Locked away from the normality of life I was commissioned to write 400 pages of succinct, clear, incisive and … [Read more...]

This Statement Grabbed Me Like No Other

This week I heard a statement. It was delivered by a US Military Captain. What was so special about this statement ? Well.. The statement should resonate to the heart of every business owner. It should resonate to the very fabric of society. We should be telling our children this. Our parents. Our grandparents. By gees even our politicians, no … [Read more...]

You Cannot Persuade People To Buy Things They Don’t Want

Everyday of the week I receive emails from people asking me to buy something. Some of the people I know and respect. Others are ghosts who may or may not exist but I don't know them. Nor am I predisposed with wanting any of their products or services. These emails are Spam and are sent anonymously and appear in in-boxes unwelcomed. Let me give you … [Read more...]

The Second Most Asked Email Question I Get Is…

I just love getting replies to my emails from people wanting a little more. 65% of people ask 'How Often ?' should I send emails. I answered this in a previous email this week. Here's a link where I placed it on my Blog in case you missed it. “How Often Should I Email My Clients ?” The next most popular question is... Drum roll please. "When Should … [Read more...]

This Type Of Email Is Just So Wrong !

Some People Just Don't Get It ! I received an email today from a 'leading' internet guy which read how he knew me and wanted to touch base. I know of the guy and originally thought - "OK... What's up ?" But I soon discovered he was using an old email trick which is just dumb. Because... it can lead the recipient feeling duped. And in my … [Read more...]

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