Does It Really Matter What Subject Line You Use?

I sent over a few emails I wrote for a client yesterday. They understand the importance of keeping in contact with their troops and to send out regular emails. They also received several email subject lines to entice their readers to open. They sent back an email with a question which I first thought... Well let's say it... Gobsmacked me. Now … [Read more...]

So Which Headline Do You Use ?

A client approached me to write a sales letter for a training program they wish to launch in March. It then came down to write the Headlines and Subject lines of not only the letter but to a series of emails, blog articles, Facebook posts and Twitter feeds. The idea is the more media you use the more chances you create to direct people to … [Read more...]

“Email Subject Lines Are Not Important.”

I am putting myself out on a limb here. For years I have been listening to the experts about writing mind-blowing email subject lines. You know - the ones which create curiosity. The ones which leave you with a hunger of a four-week old nestling waiting for its mother to return with a worm. Ones which hit you between the eyes as if written only … [Read more...]

Avoid Using Email Marketing Headlines Like These

Hi Everyone One of the most important aspects of your email marketing campaigns should be your headlines. More importantly though is the email subject headline. These should arouse curiosity and grab the readers attention to open your email. Here is a list of headlines which actually appeared in newspapers - you could use … [Read more...]

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